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Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging
Rebecca Morgan -- Making Management Magic Rebecca Morgan -- Making Management Magic
San Jose, CA
Sunday, December 20, 2020


Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging

In our lock-down world, we're inundated with virtual meetings. Most are sooooo boring, they drive attendees to multitask. Meeting leaders are lucky to get a small percentage of attendees' undivided attention.

It doesn't have to be that way. With information and practice of some interactive techniques and tools, meetings can be engaging, interesting, and interactive.

But how?

Since remote presentations have exploded in recent months, best practices for virtual business meetings are hard to find. However, professional speaker, bestselling author and Certified Virtual Presnter (CVP) Rebecca Morgan has figured out how to enliven virtual meetings and presentations. She's been conducting virtual meetings for decades, not just months.

Morgan says, "If you're like most business professionals, you don't want to waste time watching videos that aren't relevant to adults. You want easy ideas you can implement in your next meeting, and an expert to provide not only guidance, but some feedback on if you're doing it well. You need to know not only what to do, but a chance to practice it in a low-risk environment so stumbles don't embarrass you in front of your colleagues, clients — or boss!"

Morgan is providing a 4-part, live, interactive webshop starting Jan. 19. In this program, you'll:

  • hear new ideas for creating more effective virtual meetings and presentations
  • understand how to shift in-person presentation techniques to virtual
  • ensure your lighting, background, camera angle, microphone, and personal image shows you at your best
  • know how to keep your audience (whether one or hundreds) engaged — not multi-tasking
  • optimize your visuals for viewing on phones and tablets
  • learn 12 ways to get your audience involved
  • create a Plan B to ensure a quick recovery in case there's a tech glitch
  • experience the best practices throughout
  • know how to use the best tools for your desired outcomes
  • plan how you'll implement the ideas relevant to you
  • begin executing those ideas In between sessions
  • work in small groups to practice the ideas
  • receive feedback on how to make your virtual presentations even better
  • have a learning partner to keep you focused on implementation
  • access between-session support from Rebecca via email

Space limited — enroll today! http://bit.ly/RebeccaMasterClass

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