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Make America One Again Unification Interview/Speech
Jack Beauregard --  The Wisdom Company Jack Beauregard -- The Wisdom Company
Cambridge , MA
Thursday, February 27, 2020

Make America One Again Unification Interview/Speech

An example of how polarized our nation has become is that Pew Research has found that:


  • 259 million Americans say incivility in government is preventing action on important issues312 million Americans say civility is a problem


  • 230 million Americans have reported that incivility has risen to a "crisis" level



  • 52 million people have reported that they have stopped talking to family members or friends


We as a nation lost her ability to have conversations with people on the opposite side of the political spectrum and we have lost our ability to listen to each other. We have different opinions, and so we decide not to talk, which makes polarization worse. The political strategy of anger, constant name calling and negative labeling from both parties has increased to such a degree that it is fracturing our country.


In an Creating National Unity Through Mutual Respect interview or speech, Jack Beauregard will inform listeners or attendees how the thought process and methodology of unification can help this country go beyond extremism, political polarization and division so we can effectively deal with the fundamental issues that are tearing our country apart.


Topics that are covered in the mutual respect interview/speech are:how to disagree without disrespecting the other person, view opposite political positions as integral parts of a whole solution, and create harmonious consensus with people that they disagree with to re-unify this nation.


 For more details, email: Jack@wisdomcompany.org


Jack Beauregard
Founder, CEO
The Wisdom Company
Cambridge, MA