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Looking Ahead From Dr. Gayle Carson, CSP, CMC - Midlife Crisis Coach
Dr. Gayle Carson, CSP, CMC - Midlife Crisis Coach Dr. Gayle Carson, CSP, CMC - Midlife Crisis Coach
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Miami , FL
Tuesday, August 18, 2020



From the Journal of the S.O.B.:?


This will be a busy week. The Democratic Convention, the Covid numbers, Schools getting back in session or not, and everything else going on in the world.

As this is my 23rd week of confinement, I am facing radiation in another week for my ribs (once a day for 5 days) and then an appointment in a week and a half with my urologist for my kidney. However I am doing fine and continue to do all my activities although I have been sleeping a lot.

I am fortunate I am so busy with so many events and presentations so I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself which I never do anyway. My kitties still keep me positive and joyful and I just don’t get depressed. And the view from my balcony is gorgeous.

I watched a Turtles and Sharks demo from Nova Southeastern U and discovered so much I didn’t know. They have an Oceanography School and do fabulous things. Amazing statistics and dedicated people.

?This is a pic of Dr. Jill Biden and me at a speaking engagement. She’s a very inspiring and gracious woman and I was thrilled to share the platform with her.

Conducted my forum this week and it was my great-grandaughter’s 5th birthday. Amazing how many small presents made such a big impact. She’s in Alabama so I just get to see her through pics and Facetime.

Did my first podcast with 5 other people. It was a panel discussion and I loved it. Interesting theories from everyone and done civilly.


Remember the New Media Virtual Summit is in September and the media spectrum continues to grow with new free streaming channels. I would continue to refine your pitch and get ready for when local TV gets ready to have guests again. However, if you have something for the election, Covid or Schools, now is the time to do your pitch.


Image is what people see when they look at you. It’s not what you see in the mirror. It’s important to be noticed in a quiet, non-conspicuous way. Try to develop the mastery of small talk. People always like to talk about themselves and if you ask enough questions, they will certainly be able to answer some of them. With a great personality, you should be able to talk to anyone. How do you get this? By taking time to re-energize yourself by re-charging, restoring and improving yourself.

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Dr. Gayle Carson, Chief S.O.B. has announced the 2018b Spunky Broad of the Year.  And she is Dolly Parton, a prime example of what a woman over 50 can still achieve.

An extraordinary businesswoman, out of this world entertainer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, and a philanthropist, Dolly Parton is a testament to what women can achieve.  At 72, she is continuing to have massive influence in the world of entertainment and her Dollywood Theme Park continues to thrive with new exhibits and attractions that the public adores.

Married to her husband for over 50 years, she is an example of someone who blends family and professional life with amazing dexterity and humor.  A Spunky Old Broad is someone who distinguishes herself by her uniqueness, intellect, enthusiasm, dedication, selflessness and spunky. Dolly certainly epitomizes all of those.

Dr. Gayle says “Women over 50 are like fine wine.  They only get better with age and I am delighted to have Dolly Parton as our Spunky Old Broad of the Year.” 

Gayle also says “I started the S.O.B, movement because I found that women over 50 were thinking that it was all over because they hit the magic number of 50.  I knew that they had everything it took to start new careers, develop a passion into a business and start thinking about putting themselves first.  And I was right. Right now re-invention is the name of the game.

Gayle will be addressing the East Bay Women’s Conference  in California on just that subject next month. 

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