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Lifesaving Resources to conduct 16th annual INTERNATIONAL ICE RESCUE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ACADEMY
Lifesaving Resources, LLC Lifesaving Resources, LLC
Kennebunkport, ME
Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Firefighters using an ice rescue sled to perform a rescue
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Lifesaving Resources will be conducting their 16th annual INTERNATIONAL ICE RESCUE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ACADEMY, February 15 - 18, in Portland, Maine.  The purpose of this intensive 4-day training program is to train and authorize Ice Rescue Instructors for First Responder agencies from throughout the United States, as well as Internationally.  

Firefighters, Police Officers, and EMS personnel will be participating in this training.  Upon successful completion, graduates will be authorized to conduct Ice Rescue Awareness, Operations and Technician level courses on behalf ot their own departments, and will be able to certify their personnel.  These courses meet/exceed NFPA 1670 and 1006, and certification is valid for 5 years from the course completion date.  

The 4-day Academy consists of 30 contact hours of instruction, including 11.5 hours of classroom instruction, and 18.5 hours of practical training conducted on and through the ice.  All participants will go through Technician level training on Thursday and Friday, and will then practice teach portions of the practical and classroom sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  

To date, Lifesaving Resources has trained and authorized over 350 Instructors who then conduct training for their own personnel.  As a result, the company certifies several thousand First Responders annually.  For more information, access the Lifesaving Resources website at http://www.lifesaving.com, or call 207/967-8614.





Lifesaving Resources (www.lifesaving.com) is a private company dedicated to drowning and aquatic injury prevention and emergency management.  Located in Kennebunkport, Maine, Lifesaving Resources is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in Ice and Water Rescue training programs for First Responders.  The company develops educational programs in Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, Ice Rescue, Lifeguarding, Drowning Prevention and Aquatics Safety, and conducts this training throughout North America as well as Internationally.  The company conducts an annual INTERNATIONAL ICE RESCUE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ACADEMY, as well as an INTERNATIONAL WATER RESCUE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ACADEMY.  The purpose of these internationally-recognized Academies is to train and authorize Ice and Water Rescue Instructors for Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement agencies.  For information on any of their programs, please access their website at www.lifesaving.com.



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