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Life Problems Kidnapped You? Stuck In a Rut? Want Out? Contact Me ASAP!
Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group
Kansas City , MO
Sunday, September 20, 2020

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"If life's got you feeling sad and blue. Focus on the positive side of life. Be thankful for what you have. Repeat after me... F@#CK the sad! ?? Get happy!  ?? And, be glad! What else are you going ?.?.? Have a pity party ???.?.? Do something about it !.!.! Be happy! ?? Change your life. Get happy! ?? End your strife!" states Jon Paul, PR Guy of CharmWishPR.com

"Want life to change? Change yourself? Then, help change someone else? They may or may not want to change? And, that's okay. It's their life. Not yours. No worries. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Move on. Be strong. Do this all day long. All day staring. It's your life. Live like it's your last breath on Earth? All you've got is now. So what are you going to do? What are you going to do it? When are you going to do it? Now? Or, never? It's your choice. Choose the chance you've got. Make the most of what you are. Why not? No one else is. Why not you?" states Jon Paul, PR Guy of CharmWishPR.com

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If your interested. Please contact me ASAP! But, if you don't make it... because these shows fill up fast. We can work on something else. I get a few dozen of these a day. 


I'm looking for a business that can take on more customers and is okay with some exposure on some mainstream media sites I work with.


Can you handle more customers? Who is the best contact to discuss this?


Essentially I'll be getting your business in the media, and bringing more customers, but I need to check if your business is the right fit for this.


I'm on a short timeline and talking with a few other companies right now. It's best to have a quick five minute chat on the phone.


Who should I speak to about this? Try to let me know in the next 12hrs if you can.


Recently, I got LisaMeisels.com a feature column in MoneyInc.com, an interview on the "Entrepreneurs Way" podcast out of Australia, a listing on MuckRack.com (for Authors only), and increase awareness of her book launch with over 1500+ people (mostly Reporters) see her PR Promos within three weeks via public relations activities.


I also introduced the Dr. Margaret Roger's Van Coops, Founder of the SumarisCenter.cominto a strategic alliance with the HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com and SelfDiscoveryMedia.com. Then, doubled her LinkedIn contacts. And, then… got her on a radio interviews on SelfDiscoveryMedia.com, another with about 225K international listeners, and one with about 22,000 listeners too.


I also got her featured on TheLiteraryGoddess.com podcast, Dove and Dragon Radio, "Living and Thriving with Rustie: Rustie MacDonald," "Strive 4 More" and "Create with Trip Elix" radio shows/podcasts.


Then, got her some feature articles for the "Filmmakers Who Are Making A Social Impact," "Optimize Mental Health," "Ways to Develop Serenity During Anxious Times," "Women in Wellness," and "Thought Leadership" Series on AuthorityMagazine.co Founder, YitziWeiner.com, and ThriveGlobal.com (…all three sites — at the same time — with the same pitch!) Plus, over 3500+ (mostly Reporters) saw her PR Promos during her new book launch.


Then, I got her a write up in Fupping.com "Conquer Your Insecurities With These 18 Powerful Books" with her book "The Rejection Syndrome." And, also manage, built, and market DrMargaretSpeaks.com. And, got her on TheLiteraryGoddess.com podcast marketing her latest book of 15 "Donald Trump: The Enigma of Society" (…she takes a Metaphysical Spin on life with her show on iTunes: "Journey Into an Unknown World").


I also got Janet Lessin of AquarianRadio.com, SargateToTheCosmos.com, SchoolOfTantra.com, EnkiSpeaks.com, and SynergyCommunity.com on an about 225K international viewers radio show too.


Next, I got Ms. Susan of LifestyleWellnessRX.com a feature article on ThriveGlobal.comand AuthorityMagazine.co in the "Women Founders & CEOs of the Cannabis Industry" article series. And, a listing on MuckRack.com too.


I also got Omnipotent Business Solutions obs4u.webs.com to increase awareness of their events, services, and consulting projects to bring new donors. This was done at a private closed door workshop for Women Entrepreneurs. The event was a StartUp Bootcamp put on by a city's major Venture Capitalist firm owned Nonprofit. And, gave an inspirational talk at their other company M/I Productions based on the topics of what they were into at the time of delivery.


I was also involved in projects facebook.com/thebrandonblock that were awarded a prestigious "Battle of the Bands" award through a friend who was content on being the bass player in a band, then dropped out–in two weeks–and, that Summer won the previous award based on our conversation — two years in a row. And, opened up for National Recording Artists both years as his reward at Red, White and Boom (kind of like a Lalapoolaza).


And, gave a talk or two at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Artist KCPublicSchools.org/paseo for a contact who was getting her PhD at KU.edu and Student Teaching at Paseo. "Great Learning Curve Experiences" — I basically inspired the students to start their own businesses, shared a few tips, and one of the students reportedly went to a Famous StartUp Incubator to get more information.


I am also a contributing writer for ThriveGlobal.com… Back Story… I got so excited I got in. My first piece makes Editors cringe. Hahaha! But, with the economy, my excitement, and success on Amazon.com (#1 in Two Different Categories on International Women's Day in "Hot New Releases") — I felt like Matt Damon getting The Academy Award for Goodwill Hunting.


I also got Speaker and Author in health technology and innovation AlfredPoor.com a feature on article on ThriveGlobal.com when my first article I wrote above got rejected.


And, I advised a Poet who got third place in a Cause Marketing 5K Zombie Run — and, met Legendary Baseball Player George Brett of the K.C. Royals as his reward — to combine his LoVe of Poetry, running, and PUA (Pick Up Artist — dating Women) into a side hustle. I advised him to be some sort Personal Poetic Trainer for Women Only. And, launch on Facebook.


Well, needless to say…


He laughed. Said can you do that? I don't think I've ever heard of such a thing? Then, a few weeks later I checked in with him. And, he said he had over SEVEN Clients. I actually saw him one time at the library with one of his clients! How cool is that, right? Nice! Score!


You can read up more on my mighty exploits, my spin on life thus far, and/or success stories in life, liberty, and the pursuits of happiness in my "Work With Me" book on Amazon.com/author/jonpaulprguy — on how I can customize all this, and more… on your businesses.


I'd love to talk to you about promoting your business, get more interviews lined up, and spread more of your viral word-of-mouth marketing too.


Do you have a few minutes available this week to meet to talk about this? I can meet Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 2pm CENTRAL USA. What time is good for you? Here's my schedule calendly.com/charmwishpr Do you want to meet on Zoom or Skype?


Talk to you soon,


~ Jon Paul | PR Guy




Schedule: www.Calendly.com/charmwishpr






About ~ Jon Paul | PR Guy

Writes direct-response public relations and marketing communications that helps small business owners increase leads and sales.  Writes Intuitive Cause Marketing PR Venture campaigns in the arts/sciences of self-fulfilling, self-sustaining, self-efficiency and "Going green" markets. Also writes the sales copy that helps business owners start, buy or geometrically grow businesses in the nutritional supplements, personal development, talent scout curation, e-preneur and publisher niches. And, also builds marketing funnels that acquire new customers, get them to buy more, and get them to buy faster.  Lastly, monitors business owners markets,  looks for ways to promote businesses, keep people talking about the businesses, upgrades what business owners are trying to do, and not miss out on what's possible with their businesses.

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