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Leaving a Mark with Art for Children on Giving Tuesday
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, November 29, 2020

A DREAM OF - equity and access for education now and support during the Pandemic for families and our mutual futures
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The Event occurs Tuesday, December 1, 2020 (Giving Tuesday).

The Opportunity....New Education Options is posting an ad to participate in the Daily News and partner issue online and in print.

The following is my logic for featuring art to raise funds for our services and programs as a way to catch donors attention through personal value.

You can find us on line through the links below.



It is Giving Tuesday this week. The Nonprofit World will be on view to gather year end donations in a very demanding 2020.

To feature our nonprofit, gain social attention and put our request in for consideration in annual year end giving (with tax deductions), New Education Options will be featured online through the Daily News and its media partners across Southern California. Our goal to help children thrive in and out of school during the lockdown and afterwards.


What could I say that would make a difference in a year like 2020 to garner support?

What could I do to promote gifts to New Education Options, school age children receiving needed Arts, Science, and core studies support whether in class, at home or online could or would make? I got to work.

What will last?  What can embrace the reader with something contemporary that can give lasting beauty and enjoin the present moment of seeking educational equity for children, workers, those families sequestered at home.

Childcare and tutoring are defined as essential services that can help each community while being impacted by the Pandemic and afterwards.  With the arrival of a new kind of home schooling, with zoom and digital school sessions, how can we meet the need to be work ready, resilient, while giving lasting value to the donor?

After mulling over how to give back and represent the literacy, numeracy, and musical linguistics™ programs that have now for eighteen years and many grade levels touched lives- I was moved to talk about character across many definitions.

I want to empower of teachers, parents, school volunteers and tutors to turn misgivings of the shutdown into the holiest moment in the world.  So for part of this and the first quarter of next year I will spell out many meanings of the world of character with tools and with offerings that will help out whether you can give or not.

THE LAUNCH AD in the Daily News Gift of Giving Issue spotlights a new print by Charles Sherman.  

Charles Sherman Art.com using the web, fine art, and the Giving Tuesday Edition to spotlight New Education Options, keep an eye on the prize, reconciliation and making a difference through inspiration is featured below and after the gist of this, the urls for you to share our idea of focusing on principles, not people.

Some ideas are worth spreading.  On significant days, when the whole community responds loudly, thrills and emotions abound…. such ideas are tangible. On these days, we know we are not alone and the sense of being universally connected is palatable. John Legend and hymnals seem to embrace the rising of an idea whose idea has come and spread it. From the Inland Empire to Greater Los Angeles, we can reach more children at home or at school, with your support.

This time, this year, has focused the U.S. on what concepts, goodbyes, hellos, and remembrances have or will become landmark mimes that forever have changed our conversations. 

Just so….Three flags and its vital communication created by Charles Sherman Art is a piece of personal art that hollers to us to stay woke. The more I researched the underlying writings by Martin Luther King this painting by Charles Sherman,  touted as an affordable fine art poster, its message could impact each viewer…that the direction of our culture will be decided by us. 

Shouting elegantly in the ad for the special nonprofit issue and pointing its readers to our TK-12 school programs and pilots, this would reinforcing the purpose of the American Contemperary Poster to represent an idea whose time has come. 

What better legacy then remembering our power of self-expression can help our neighbors: one person, one group, one nonprofit, and one gift needed most at a crucial time?

The Artist:

When The Daily News notified New Education Options of an online end of the year, for their special nonprofit Day of Giving Campaign Issue, we chose to publish to link this powerful image, its message, and in our place, serving children now online or live in tandem with partners across Los Angeles and the Inland Empire by promoting this wonderful artist.

His work  reflects American History, this moment, and emerging thoughts worthy of cherishing, sharing, arguing, and contemplating in the months, years, days that lie ahead. 

Hopefully this will lead to reconciliation, new conduits for learning, and programs that will raise student interest in learning. With your help we will join with schools, funders, and services that will support parents to go to work, and support our stewarding new levels of school achievement with a joy in learning.  With your help, we will back programs, research, and a trust to train teachers and build student school readiness, vocabulary, math, and science skills using art and music at this sticking point.

The Offering and sites to find info:

Please go to Great Nonprofits.org (link below) and click on the donate button to underwrite NEO/Kids First of SoCal programs. Go directly to Charles Sherman Art.com and see if this print and sizes of it available for your wall, classroom, office or home.

NB: Your donation will help NEO to buy supplies, subsidize educational programming both school age and early education seats for ongoing instruction and enrichment. We are launching our character campaign with this print to create a trust that will fund us to train NEO ML teachers and announce new offerings in 2021-2022. EIN 915-4849246 New Education Options, a California public benefit educational corporation.

In 2020, our programs continue to expand with community help across the watershed, and NEO R&D returns to CSUSB:


Thank everyone that has helped the Woodland Hills KidsFirst of So Cal site continue its online and live programs this year whether individual or federal.

Thank GLOBE Elementary school sites that partnered with us to work with student digital portfolios, open two classrooms, and continuing work begun in 1999 with William Elliott, Beyond the Bell LAUSD under John Lietchy and LAPL with Mayor Riordan.

Help us save our building, expand services, and underwrite staffing.





Background about childcare and resources:

Data is transparent and available:

Demographic Data by Characteristic | KIDS COUNT Data Center-

Kids count and character matters- go to the What Matters section of the site:

What Matters? (charlesshermanart.com)

Printmaking : "What Matters?" (Original art by CHARLES SHERMAN Infinity Sculpture and Design) (charlesshermanart.com)

Following on STEM and STEAM research for inclusion and resiliency:


Following on great remarks by Dr. Martin Luther King:

Martin Luther King Jr. - Wikipedia

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State and Federal Standards to raise school outcomes:

Home | Common Core State Standards Initiative (corestandards.org)

KidsFirst Childcare on site and online:


Great Nonprofit reviews appreciated and even more click the donate button on Tuesday:

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Take a look at making learning visible:

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Sources for childcare are being organized, find out about them through the news, newsletters and agencies like Childcare Resource Services, example below for Los Angeles Area:



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