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Learn Legal Aspects of Starting a Small Business
Pam Hamilton, Founder Small Business Legal Services, P.C. Pam Hamilton, Founder Small Business Legal Services, P.C.
Utica , NY
Monday, June 06, 2016



Utica, New York. June 7, 2016:  Attorney and Business Coach, Pam Hamilton, will be speaking at the Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center (SBDC), located on the SUNY Poly Campus on June 7, 2016 at 3:00pm. Ms. Hamilton, will be speaking on the legal aspects of starting a small business," as part of the "Business Insurance and Legal Compliance" of the SBDC's "Small Business Basics Series". For more information about the program, or to register to attend you can call the center at: (315) 792-7547 or visit https://sunypoly.edu/home5/cmsfiles/seminar2011O1.pdf, for a full schedule.

During her talk Ms. Hamilton will cover a range of topics including: choosing the right business structure for your business, understanding the various types of business structures available, business formalities and maintaining the health of your business, obtaining variances, licenses and permits when needed, using independent contractors, contractors vs employees and when you must use the latter, protecting your intellectual property, and using contracts.  Ms. Hamilton will also take the time to answer questions from the participants during and after her talk. The response to her talks in the past has been excellent.

Pam Hamilton is the founder and CEO of Small Business Legal Services, P.C., (SBLS), a boutique legal and coaching practice; and author of the book "Creating Your Profitable Home-Business (A Useful Guide to Starting a Home-Based Online Business)." Ms. Hamilton is passionate about helping small and home-based business owners succeed and grow more profitable businesses, and welcomes any opportunity to help more business owners achieve their goals. She believes that Small home-based businesses are the wave of the future and the best means for the average Joe and Jane Doe to take control of their own financial destiny.  "SBLS was founded," says Ms. Hamilton, "primarily to help more people make the dream of small business ownership and profitability a reality". With over 20 years of legal and business experience under her belt, a winning personality and a highly effective and proven coaching strategy, Ms. Hamilton is a great resource for any person wanting to start a new business or make an existing on more profitable.


Pamela E. Hamilton, Esq.
Attorney & Small Business Legal Expert
Small Business Legal Services, P.C.
Utica, NY
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