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Jeannette M. Gagan, PhD Jeannette M. Gagan, PhD
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Santa Fe , NM
Thursday, April 25, 2019


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Latest blog entrieshttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blogThu, 25 Apr 2019 08:15:33 -0600Joomla! - Open Source Content Managementen-gbTHE BRAINhttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/the-brainhttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/the-brain

This blog is the beginning of several pieces about the brain—an organ that is receiving much attention these days. Statistics indicate that one in three people will die of dementia in the United States—two-thirds of these are women, as reported in the book The Unbreakable Brain, by Will Mitchell. Clearly, dementia will affect many of us, directly or indirectly.

]]>jmgagan@earthlink.net (Jeannette M. Gagan)Balancing Feminine and Masculine PowersMon, 22 Apr 2019 06:00:24 -0600QUALITIES OF A GOOD EMPLOYERhttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/qualities-of-a-good-employerhttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/qualities-of-a-good-employer

Jane Haskins is a freelance writer who practiced law for 20 years – a career that involved many situations of being both an employee and an employer. In a Legal Zoom article she describes the following six characteristics of a good employer:

jmgagan@earthlink.net (Jeannette M. Gagan)Balancing Feminine and Masculine PowersMon, 08 Apr 2019 06:00:12 -0600
QUALITIES OF A GOOD EMPLOYEEhttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/qualities-of-a-good-employeehttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/qualities-of-a-good-employee

According to the Atman Company there are eight qualities of a good employee: 

# 1 Accountability. No matter who you are and what work you do, every manager wants their employees to be accountable for what they do and don’t achieve.

# 2 Having good interpersonal skills. Good listening and communication skills are crucial for any employee.

#3 Resourcefulness. Use of one’s imagination and creativity furthers success. Knowing that the job will get done no matter the obstacles, puts your employer's mind at ease.

# 4 Openness to sharing ideas and experiences. This willingness furthers the knowledge and skills of the whole team. 

# 5 Being motivated. Enthusiasm about one's tasks creates a positive work environment and helps fuel your purpose in the work. 

# 6 Self-awareness. Being self-aware allows one to know if they are working to the best of their abilities.  

# 7 Being action-oriented. Eagerly engaging in tasks without delay or complaining is a top priority for managers, as tasks often need to get done in a timely manner.

# 8 Having integrity. An employee who is honest and truthful about one’s work and actions goes a long way. 

All of the above results in a positive relationship between employee and employer, and makes the organization more effective as a whole.

These qualities apply to any type of organization. For example, my first job as a registered nurse was in a Veterans Hospital. Each morning all the ward nurses gathered with the head nurse as reports were given regarding each patient. Fortunately, the head nurse was a very experienced and wise supervisor—not only was she in charge, but she also tended to patients of all kinds. In one instance, I remember her sitting with a dying veteran in a very loving way. Indeed, she modeled to me the best type of work experience—be it as an employee or employer.

Most people have been an employee at some time in their lives. Dear reader, it would be appreciated if you would share such an experience and what you learned, or what you had hoped to learn and did not. Which qualities above do you feel are your strengths, and which ones might you need to work on more? All comments are most welcome!

jmgagan@earthlink.net (Jeannette M. Gagan)Balancing Feminine and Masculine PowersMon, 25 Mar 2019 06:00:01 -0600
MAKING GOOD FRIENDShttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/making-good-friendshttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/making-good-friends

Friendships are extremely important for our well-being, on all levels. No matter one’s age or circumstances, it’s never too late to make new friends or reconnect with old ones. According to a HelpGuide article by Lawrence Robinson, Greg Boose, Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., having strong friendships: 

jmgagan@earthlink.net (Jeannette M. Gagan)Balancing Feminine and Masculine PowersMon, 11 Mar 2019 06:00:24 -0600
SEVEN KEYS TO A HEALTHY AND HAPPY RELATIONSHIPhttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/seven-keys-to-a-healthy-and-happy-relationshiphttp://www.riochamapublications.com/blog/entry/seven-keys-to-a-healthy-and-happy-relationship

According to an article in Psychology Today by Stephani A. Sarkis, PhD, there are seven keys to a healthy and happy intimate relationship. In our culture today, where texting and instant gratification are the norm, it's important to remind ourselves of the important foundational work it takes to be in relationship. 

jmgagan@earthlink.net (Jeannette M. Gagan)Balancing Feminine and Masculine PowersMon, 25 Feb 2019 06:00:41 -0700

Santa Fe, NM
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