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Last Known Video Of Missing Argentinian Submarine
Burton Schuler --  La Luz Press Burton Schuler -- La Luz Press
Panama City, Fl. , FL
Monday, November 20, 2017



The above video  is believed  to be he last recording made of  the missing Argentinean Submarine the San Juan. It was taken on November 6th 2017 in the port of Ushuaia  in Argentina. The San Juan sailed on November 8th 2017 with forty four crew members and has not been seen or heard from since.  The video was  made by Dr. Burton S. Schuler of Panama City Florida.  Schuler was leaving on November 6th to be part of an expedition to the Antarctica Peninsula.

Schuler said that 

"The weather that day was beautiful, so I decided to  take some video of the port of Ushuaia. After taping for several   minutes I saw something in the water. After zooming  in on it,  I was surprised to see a submarine. When I  finished taping I asked, a "local" about the subermine and she said its name  was the  San Juan"'  

After examining numerous photos on line, I also believe that it was the San Juan.  The video I took of,  it was not my best, but the submarine, can still be seen clearly.   

On Saturday November 18th the Argentina's Navy may have detected some brief satellite calls from the San Juan, but as of now it is still missing 

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Dr. Burton S. Schuler
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