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Kojey Radical - Music
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Tuesday, October 5, 2021


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Kojey Radical - Music  

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"This is the firsttime I've done it to the scale and ambition of what I speak. Previously it'sbeen "I'm warming, I'm warming, I'm warming up". But I'm warm now -put me in the game"











 Having already made such an indelible mark onBritish music it's hard to believe that Kojey Radical, one of theUK's most influential voices, has never released an album. That's all about tochange. In 2022, Kojey Radical will finally release hislong-awaited debut album and today he reveals the first track.











      Featuring the incredible Lex Amor andproduced by long-time collaborators KZ and Swindle, "WarOutside ("feat Lex Amor)” has all the hallmarks of a futureclassic. The fact that one of the country's most acclaimed, unique and dextrousrappers chooses to sing, rather than rap, on his debut album curtain raiser isboth a sign of Radical's multi-genre versatility and ademonstration of the confidence, scale and ambition that surrounds this highlyanticipated record.


 KoJey Radical "War Outside"

     Sonically, Radical accuratelydescribes the track as "space and
bass", a concept that will also runthrough the album. It’s built on a cinematic rap beat that in his own wordsevokes "Uma Thurman in a yellow tracksuit about to go and fight theCrazy 88s". Lyrically, we find him characteristically composed andassured as he looks out of the window at the chaos that surrounded, andcontinues to surround, us over the last eighteen months. The world has gonethrough momentous changes recently, but the war isn't new, and on "WarOutsideRadical is looking for the bigger picture.




     Over four previous EPs (2014’s DearDaisy, 2016's 23Winters, 2017's In God'sBody and 2019's Cashmere Tears), KojeyRadical has given people greatness but for the album he'll be strivingfor perfection. "War Outside" sets the scene perfectly.Simultaneously timeless and ultra-contemporary, it's everything that's soexciting about Black British music right now. This is Kojey Radical inthe eye of the storm while the world crashes in slow motion around him.






      Born and raised inEast London, British Ghanaian Kwadwo Adu Genfi Amponsah aka KojeyRadical is often described as a “renaissance man”. At 28 years old, heis at the forefront of a generation of young British artists who have pushedunderground Black music into the mainstream over the last few years through aseries of acclaimed, ambitious EPs - Dear Daisy23Winters,In Gods Body and Cashmere Tears - andcollaborations with the likes of Mahalia, Mereba, Ghetts, Shy FX, AJTracey, Swindle, Wretch32 and MJ Cole

     Currently puttingthe finishing touches to his highly anticipated debut album, KojeyRadical embodies everything that makes an artist truly exciting in2021; he’s an authentic and uncompromising creative force, constantly evolvingand blurring boundaries as he moves from rap, funk, spoken word and poetry tofashion, art and film with an almost effortless fluidity.


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