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Know Your 'WOW' to Help You Land That Next Great Job
Debra J. Schmidt, MS - Loyalty Leader Debra J. Schmidt, MS - Loyalty Leader
Milwaukee, WI
Friday, August 31, 2012

Fresh out of college I was looking for my first big job. As with most new graduates, my resume' was a little thin. I wondered what I could do to make my resume' stand out from the hundreds of other applicants I would be competing against.

A friend suggested that I include the fact that I was a volunteer ski instructor for the blind. I had been teaching downhill and cross-country skiing to blind people through the Blind Outdoor Leisure & Development (BOLD) program for a couple of years. He said I should list it under the personal information section of my resume'.

Why not, I thought. So I added that one little line to my resume'. It generated amazing results. I was invited to more interviews, and everyone I met with asked me to explain how I taught blind people skiing. It became my WOW. I left it on my resume' for years and I'm convinced that it was a factor in some of the job offers I received.

The great part about WOW is it doesn't need to have any direct relationship with the job or business you're trying to win. WOW can be your volunteer work, your cultural background, your family history, a special recognition you may have received, or an obstacle you have overcome.

Everyone has a WOW factor. It's that unique characteristic or experience you have had that will set you apart from your competition. It gives your boss, client or prospective employer something to remember you by. Discover your WOW, and use it to set separate yourself from the crowd. Knowing your WOW will help others to notice you and it can play a huge part in networking and career success.
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