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"Kizzi’s Health and Well-Being" is a Valuable Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle
Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Edgewood, WA
Friday, August 19, 2022


"Kizzi’s Health and Well-Being", produced by Kizzi Magazine, shouldbe read and cherished. "Kizzi’s Health and Well-Being" offerspractical, proven and easy to follow advice on how to improve the quality ofyour life by embracing both natural medicine and alternative and complementarytherapy.

With insightful, thought-provoking chapters written by well-being expertsfrom all over the world, this is the ultimate guide for anyone looking toexplore the many benefits of living a happy, healthy and drug-free life. Inthis anthology the chapters include a special introduction by Rev. Marilyn L.Redmond.  Here is the link to order yourbook, today. https://voilasuccess.com/index.php/products-page/well-being/kizzis-health-and-well-being-2022-ce/

This is an excerpt from the introductory chapter by Rev. MarilynL. Redmond. She has written 6 other chapters for Kizzi's anthologies.  This is a special one for everyone to learn moreabout the agenda behind the big business of medicine.

The current medical practices were born in the early 1900's.In prior centuries, people relied on plants, ancient rituals, remedies, herbs,practices as acupuncture, and Qigong. There were machines for healing used byOsteopathic doctors that did work, but were later denounced and hidden.

It all changed with John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) whowas an oil magnate, America’s first billionaire, and a natural-born monopolist.By the turn on the 20th century, he controlled 90% of all oil refineries in theU.S. through his oil company, Standard Oil. World Affairs reports: At the sametime, around 1900, scientists discovered “petrochemicals” and the ability tocreate all kinds of chemicals from oil. This was a wonderful opportunity forRockefeller who saw the ability to monopolize the oil, chemical, and themedical industries at the same time!

At the time, natural/herbal medicines were very popular inAmerica. Almost half the doctors and medical colleges in the U.S. werepracticing holistic medicine, using knowledge from Europe and Native Americans.Since, Rockefeller wanted to monopolize the medical field; he had to figure outa way to get rid of his biggest competition. The best thing aboutpetrochemicals was that everything could be patented and sold for high profits.However, there was one problem with Rockefeller’s plan for the medicalindustry.

Rockefeller sent a man named Abraham Flexner from theprestigious Carnegie Foundation, to travel around the country and report on thestatus of medical colleges and hospitals around the country. This led to theFlexner Report, which gave birth to the modern medicine, as we know it. Thereport talked about the need for revamping and centralizing our medicalinstitutions. Not long after this report, more than half of all medicalcolleges were soon closed.

Rockefeller gave more than $100 million to colleges,hospitals and founded a philanthropic front group called “General EducationBoard” (GEB). This is the classic carrot and stick approach. 

This is the classic strategy of problem-reaction-solution bycreating a problem, scare people, and then offers a (pre-planned) solution.Similar to the terrorism scare followed by the “Patriot Act”, and the pandemicwith the vaccine pre-patented for the solution.

In the United States, on the former Minnesota GovernorJessie Ventura interview show, “Conspiracy Theory”, in 2009 with Dr. RimaLaibow, it was revealed, that John D Rockefeller created the allopathic medicalsystem to sell pharmaceuticals. In addition, he was at the center of theeugenics movement. The eventual goal was to eliminate as much as 90% of the populationfrom the reproductive future of America. In addition, the program also exposedthat there are globalists who plan to reduce the world’s population to 10% ofits current level. It was predicted and documented that the U.S. governmentwould fake a virus pandemic to scare people into taking a harmful vaccine. Thiswould be a hidden agenda for a universal genocide.

Those supporting homeopathy and natural medicines are stillmocked and demonized; Doctors encouraging natural solutions, rather than toxicmedicine, have lost their license and are even jailed. Many holistic doctorshave been found dead. Doctors have been killed for promoting options to healconditions as cancer, COVID-19, and for sharing scientific evidence, facts andresearch, that disputes the medical stand on many issues.

Poor health comes from toxic sources. One of the deadliestis the sale of drugs that are poison, but called medicine. America on drugs isan epidemic of epic proportions that includes a conspiracy to control publichealth for profit and thwart lucid thinking. Drugs are poison, remember theskull and cross bones labels on bottles under the kitchen sink? Do mental andmind altering substances really create health or actually mask a symptom of adeeper problem? People are waking up to understanding just because it is frommedical sources it may not be helpful or healthy.

Misinformation abounds in all parts of the health field.Cures are never allowed to surface for the public to benefit. There arenumerous foods and herbs that are natural cancer cures, but you cannot patentand profit from what is produced by nature. Bill Gates unsuccessfully tried topatent lemons a proven cure for cancer. The drugs for cancer are the mostprofitable. Cancer doctors are allowed to profit from the sale of chemotherapydrugs. Keeping people drugged for huge pharmaceutical profits is fraudulent. Ifthis were known, it would create a world without disease putting the medicalfield out of business.

 There are four other sources of toxicity: the air, theground, food, and our thoughts. They are causing great health and mental sanityproblems in our country. Sadly, industrial profits are more important than airpollution. For years, airplanes released toxic chemicals in chemtrailsnewspapers and Reader's Digest reported. In addition, it is as if the earth'slungs are being removed because of a lack of concern for future clean air inthe forests of the Amazon. Trees convert carbon dioxide into clean oxygen andare necessary to keep our air clean. Air pollution does not recognize borders,ethnicity, or class. Clean air is important to us all.

Contamination of the earth is increasing. Fluoride is atoxic waste product presented as healthy for dental care, when in reality it ispoisonous and has been proven to reduce the intelligence of children. Our wateris contaminated at alarming levels where seafood, fish, and swimming are notdoable anymore. Sick residents of the community bring huge class actionslawsuits to large corporations for dumping toxic waste as depicted in the movie“Erin Brockovich”.

Environmental groups say the lack of transparency makes itdifficult to track fracking-related drinking water contamination. Keepingfamily yards green and weed free contributes to the poisoning of the aquifer.Where to dispose of radiation debris in landfills, is a controversy because itsterilizes the ground making crops impossible to grow. It even stops buildingover the radiation landfills.

Toxicity another word for poison affects our food and eatinghealthy by reducing intelligence, sanity, and the quality of life. Additivesand genetic restructure change naturally grown vegetables and manufactured fooditems. Genetically modified foods and farmed fish are depleted of the naturalminerals and elements of the earth, which provide the vital expected lifesource for our bodies to be healthy.

They are void of nutritional essentials, therefore toxic.Moreover, adding sugar, chemicals as MSG, high fructose corn syrup and soyproducts to manufactured foodstuff creates unnecessary calories, cravingssimilar to alcoholism while adding harmful ingredients of no dietary value.Energy drinks can cause major health issues and law does not require themanufacturers of these drinks, to disclose the contents. It really becomes amatter of life or death when our food does not sustain life.

We are being poisoned. It is time to have truth and healthysolutions for food and well-being. It is time to wake up to being poisoned inall parts of our lives that are essential to maintain and continue health. Yourcopy at https://voilasuccess.com/index.php/products-page/well-being/kizzis-health-and-well-being-2022-ce/

My message reveals how to achieve a consciousness ofwholeness, health, and reality. My work offers tools, information, and help togrow beyond disease and difficulties into health. My 10 books on Amazon, 180You Tubes, monthly columns, articles, teaching, counseling, and speaking alluse the principles of life to move into a healthy reality.


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Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT can help you find health, happiness and prosperity, too. Recently she was included in "Who's Who in America". Her books are distributed by the A.R.E. internationally to prisons.  Marilyn is a spiritual counselor, internationally board-certified regressionist, hypnotist, teacher, speaker, and medium. In addition, she gives readings and is an ordained minister for spiritual healing. Marilyn’s 10 books at Amazon and on line at Barnes and Nobel, and many articles reveal how she achieved a consciousness of oneness in healing her traumatic life of mental illness, addictions, PTSD, domestic violence, depression, and more.

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