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Kenny G. Down Book Launch Events Chronicled in Video Log
Kenny G. Down - Author of 'Darko - The Sacred Heart of One Johanee Darko' Kenny G. Down - Author of 'Darko - The Sacred Heart of One Johanee Darko'
Seattle, WA
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Kenny G. Down Book Launch Events Chronicled in Video Log

Seattle, WA—Kenny Down, author of Darko: The Sacred Heart of One Johanee Darko, has been involved in a series of events connected to the book release which are now part of a compilation video. Two book readings and an interview by Duff McKagan, of Guns N' Roses, constitute the bulk the video linked below. Down's primary character, Johanee Darko, is the leader of a worldwide spiritual movement and so his book has attracted readers and fans from diverse backgrounds. 

Also part of the video is the official book trailer, at the beginning, a Blessing by internationally acclaimed and award winning Native American flautist Rona Yellow Robe, at 2:52, congratulations from Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready, at 45:38, and author and Native American Leader Don Coyhis at 51:42.

The major sections can be found as follows: Interview by Duff McKagan starts at 12:52; First Book Reading at 36:29; Second Book Reading at 53:00.

Overview of Darko: The Sacred Heart of One Johanee Darko: We live in a world divided and in turmoil. Environmental degradation, hunger, war, injustice, poverty, disease, homelessness and growing wealth inequity march on when a ray of hope appears. Johanee Darko, born in poverty, subjected to physical and emotional abuse, and left to her own devices with on and off protection from her best friend, I King. After years of trials and tribulations, Johanee Darko is called to her mission by God through the Ascended Spiritual Masters of History. They reveal that she must bring the "true secret to obtaining Right Thinking, Right Action, and Right Knowledge" and usher in the Coming Together Time through the Sacred Hearted movement.

Told from the perspective of I King, the story unfolds as Johanee slowly starts her spiritual awakening by finding solace within various houses of worship, engaging in intense prayer and then receives teachings from the Virgin Mary, Archangel Michael and an interesting group of ancient tribal leaders. Within the story, one encounters in-depth spiritual lessons not only based on ancient wisdom but the struggles which Kenny G. Down has experienced in his own battles with addiction and his work helping others over the last three-decades. All the elements of family, community, society, government and political movements are found inside the compelling tale of a humble messenger from God.

After her spiritual education is finished, the Ascended Masters give her instructions to begin the Sacred Hearted movement and events unfold rapidly. Word of Johanee's obvious spiritual mandate becomes a worldwide phenomenon and the expected push back from those in power is not far behind. As the movement grows in power and strength, the young Johanee remains humble and carefully follows the instructions from her spiritual advisors or as she refers to them, the "Voices."

Book Trailer for Darko: The Sacred Heart of Johanee Darko

"If there ever was a time when our world needed healing, that time would be now. 'Darko' is a perfect parable for the times. Written by Down with a great deal of experience, wisdom and love, you'll be swept away by the incredible progression of events and the characters who inhabit this world." —John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press, 5 Stars

"Kenny G. Down's writing is articulate, the concepts are radiant, the use of religious commentary is delivered in a way that all readers can embrace, and the characters are fascinating, make a tremendous impact, and make us think – and hopefully change." —Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, 5 Stars

"Johanee is a messianic figure, a Joan of Arc in a world of darkness and pain leading a fractured and fragmented humanity to rise together in unity. Down delivers mesmerizing characters, surprising spiritual insight and a strong reminder of our commonalities and the need for the deep healing of the human family. In the darkness of our current times, this story of hope shines bright!" —Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-Stars

Darko: The Sacred Heart of Johanee Darko, ISBN: 978-1-7356628-0-0, $14.95 (Paperback), 978-1-7356628-1-7 (ebook) New Thought Life, LLC, 410 pages, available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Goodreads and the author's website: https://newthoughtlife.org/  

About Kenny G. Down: Author Kenny Down is a gratefully humble and awakened spiritual seeker. His past difficulties and current situations are reflected in all of his work. He is an Awakened Spirit with a happy, whole and useful life. But it has not always been this way for him. It is a state of being that he's worked hard to have. He spent many years struggling with addiction, both with the tragedies that tend to lead to relying on drugs and alcohol and the fallout of reaching for such an empty relief. But all the trials have turned out to be his blessing. Now, many years sober, he continues to enlarge his spiritual life.

Media Contact: For a review copy of Darko: The Sacred Heart of Johanee Darko or to arrange an interview with Kenny G. Down contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at scottlorenz@westwindcos.comor by phone at 734-667-2090. Follow Lorenz on twitter @abookpublicist

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