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Keep the Manson Family Murderers Locked Up
Polly Franks - Crime Victim Advocate, Child Safety Expert Polly Franks - Crime Victim Advocate, Child Safety Expert
Richmond, VA
Thursday, September 7, 2017


True crime author and victims' advocate Polly Franks is calling upon California Governor Jerry Brown to once again deny parole to Leslie van Houten.  van Houten, a member of the infamous Manson Family, was convicted in the August 1969 stabbing murder of Rosemary LaBianca.  van Houten acknowledged stabbing Rosemary LaBianca "at least 14 times" and then "cut the lady up."  She has petitioned for parole 20 times.

A California review board has once again recommended parole for van Houten.  Her fate now rests in the hands of Governor Jerry Brown, who has the power to accept or deny the parole board's recommendation.

Polly Franks, author of Devil at My Door, is urging Governor Brown to remember the horror, brutality and terror of van Housen's crimes.  "Forty-eight years later, families of the Manson murder victims still live with the loss and memories of their loved ones' final moments," says Franks, adding "van Housen committed the most brutal murder imaginable to an innocent woman and this should never be forgotten.  There is no undoing this.  Apologies and good behavior aren't going to bring back Rosemary LaBianca. This innocent lady spent her final terrifying moments begging for her life.  van Housen's response was to stab LaBianca at least 14 times.  In addition, do the voters and taxpayers of California really want a free Manson family murderer as a neighbor?"             

Polly Franks has served as an advocate for victims of violent crime, particularly childhood sexual abuse, since 1995. Her commitment to this cause stems from her experience as the mother of three children who were endangered by a former neighbor and family friend who turned out to be a convicted sexual predator from another state.  During his crime spree between 1982 to 1998, this predator was linked to a minimum of 286 reported incidents of sexual crimes.  Although she is in a wheelchair, Polly became a licensed private investigator for the sole purpose of bringing ths predator to justice.

He is now in prison serving a life sentence.

Since that time, Polly has testified before Congress and lobbied on Capitol Hill for tougher sex offender laws, such as the nationwide Amber Alert bill and the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act.  Her story was published in Good Housekeeping magazine.  She has been interviewed by the Today Show, Dateline NBC, 20/20, Court TV, the John Walsh Show, ABC World News Tonight, CNN/HLN, Nancy Grace and Fox News.  In addition, she has numerous interviews for national radio programs, as well ans newspaper and magazine articles.  She has shared her story in audiences throughout the country. 

In 2006, Polly created the Franks Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting America's children from sexual predators.  Since that time, the Franks Foundation has been expanded and renamed "It's Not Your Fault," (www.itsnotyourfault.us)

In 2017, her story was published by Vandamere Press in a nonfiction book "Devil at My Door." (www.devilatmydoor.com)

Polly is a graduate of Bluefield College.  She is the very proud mother of three grown daughters, one grandchild, a menagerie of house pets (her four-legged children) and a host of "honorary" sons and daughters.    

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