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Keep It Simple- Prayer and Meditation
Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth
Edgewood, WA
Friday, September 18, 2020

Marilyn L. Redmond

Prayers and meditation work best when consciousness is in the "NOW". Past harms, resentments, and fears block the materialization of offerings from spirit. I have to let go of the barriers I have built to protect myself so I am presently emotionally available. Clearing the channel to connect consciously to my higher awareness is the direct route to my source and guidance.

I clear my relationship to my Creator as stated in the St. Francis Assisi prayer, "Lord make me a channel of Thy peace". Through releasing my past fearful ways and making amends to those I harmed, I am ready to be aligned directly to the God of my understanding. 

Letting go of fear, guilt, shame, and other negative energies allows emotional freedom. In addition, it is necessary to include acknowledging your part in past relationships and making them right. This further completes breaking emotional strings from the past. I describe the process in my books at Amazon.

Abundance, health, and love are my inheritance. They manifest when I merge my cleared energy with the source of my being. This aligns me to flow in the river of a beneficent energy of spirit that is consciousness. Edgar Cayce said in his work, "There is a river". I feel bliss and prosperity when I merge into the flow of that loving power.

Typical methods to learn meditation did not work for me. Therefore, in prayer I asked God to teach me. I lay on my bed facing the cross on the wall with open arms. "Whatever you have for me God, I am here with open arms to hear." Daily, after a few days of silence, I began to hear unspoken messages, which were new to me about how to heal my relationship with my mother. A book even appeared to help me.

The next year, I was meditating on an Oregon Beach. My raging husband abandoned me out of state and I needed direction. I was told that I was to take action along with my new information. The information said to ask for a temporary separation. For me this was a huge request. I never spoke up to my husband in our domestic violent marriage. Listening and taking this feat, saved my life. Now each morning I listen for new understanding and the guidance for the day. For me life is about walking in faith and trust.

After hearing Tesla's explanation about the universe, I understood. He said that to understand the universe, it is about energy, vibration, and frequency. Prayer is raising my consciousness beyond the ego and going directly to my Creator. When that higher contact is achieved, I am listening in the stillness. For me, it is as if I am fine-tuning into a higher frequency of a radio-tuning dial.

It took time to understand that the more I let go of past mental obstructs for protection, the more easily the answers and resolutions will appear. When I was in grade school visiting my aunt in California, I thought her baby grand piano was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I prayed that I could have a piano like hers. At home, I played on an old upright, which was a decent, piano, but not beautiful. When I married, we could not afford an expensive one so we bought a quality spinet. In the divorce, he got the piano. This created an opening for a new piano for me.

I wanted to replace the piano I lost in the divorce. After a few years, I decided I was ready to buy a baby grand piano like my aunt's. I went shopping with my good friend who happened to have perfect pitch. While at the outlet barn, she wandered around playing pianos trying out different ones. I was also browsing and across the room, when I heard her playing a piano that called out to me. It was a beautiful black baby grand piano. My extra wish was for an electronic player installed as another aunt had on her piano, which I loved to play, too.  

While refinancing my mortgage for my home two years later, I included the remaining loan amount of the piano. I had paid off the amount of the spinet. The surprise was that the outstanding amount of the new house loan including the remaining balance of the baby grand piano did not make the new mortgage payment a penny more expensive than the original house payment. It felt like God had paid off the difference of the cost, of my new piano with the player.

My husband who took everything he could in the divorce would have ended up with the baby grand, if  I had tried to buy a keyboard sooner,  The best part I realized later was that I had cleared out the past negative energies that stopped my prayer from manifesting. I deserved a baby grand piano. I cleaned the channel for the manifestation and it appeared at the right time.

I unconsciously had used The Law of Attraction. My vibrational offering equaled my point of attraction. Timing was the last part of the attraction to manifest. It showed up at the right time for me to enjoy and keep.

Prayer and Meditation raise me into an altered state of consciousness, where the ego cannot dominate my thinking and the solution to my problems can be rational, loving ones. Real prayer is going within and experiencing aligning and merging my energy to the consciousness of the universe. It is a direct way to connect with my help and path.

Life is about cause and effect. I change the motive to get a new result. Love creates loving resolutions and answers. Over time, I was spiritually led to clean out my chakras. This brought a higher conduit for God's words to me. In a self-regression, I was led through this cleaning by spiritual helpers. I help others do this today. 

Self-searching, prayer, and daily meditation are very practical. This further cleaning of my connection brought higher information beyond the fourth dimension. I became a medium, which is beyond a psychic. My actions and thinking are now coming from a higher frequency of a higher loving cause. In my elevated vibration, the spiritual energy provides more of my needs as the effect of the elevated cause. Many people call that beneficent energy God. "God's grace is sufficient."

On a daily basis prayer and meditating builds a firm foundation for emotional balance. Correct understanding allows the highest-quality outcome possible. In my guidance to help others, my energy expands and it feels good. That expanded energy manifests into meeting my needs. "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, says, "Here is my secret. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."

Edgar Cayce, The Father of Holistic Health, said, "Mind is the builder", that spirit is our source and the physical is our result. From his famous quote, I learned to change my mind set to create good results, inspiration, or solutions. I tune in through prayer and then meditate listening for help and information, accepting the results.

I do not pray for myself; my thoughts can be from selfishness, self-centeredness, and fear. Praying for others and sending remote healing to others is emotionally rewarding. In morning mediation, I hear information for each day's activities, especially for my writing books, articles, and projects needing to be completed. Opportunities to be in service are also offered. Doing the right thing is never wrong. I call myself "God employed". 

It is not always easy to follow my inner messages. Yesterday, I had to approach a new gardener to work in my yard. I never got prices from the two former fellows I interviewed for the work. They just disappeared. So once again, in my timidity I had to speak up.

My neighbor mentioned that he had yard maintenance people coming the following day. The best option was to talk with them while they were working next door. I spoke up and we quickly and easily agreed for the yard work to start the next week. I felt a huge sense of relief that it had gone so well. I can apply using God's will in my daily life.

It shows me how practical the spiritual path is. I was hurriedly trying get all my ducks in a row like at the circus-shooting booth. My hasty search to find yard maintenance was not successful; however, the gardener working right in the neighbor's yard was the right one.

Some people call this surrender to the perfect will of God. It shows me that I am not the director and to allow life to happen. When I listen to the silent voice inside, my life goes well. I give up my ideas for better ones that are rational and productive. Thy Will Be Done, proves to me that it is the easier, softer way.

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