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Kazmira Therapeutics: Transforming Vice into Virtue with Cannabis Rescheduling
Mr. Pulak Sharma & Dr. Priyanka Sharma -- Kazmira -- The Cannabinoid Company Mr. Pulak Sharma & Dr. Priyanka Sharma -- Kazmira -- The Cannabinoid Company
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Watkins, CO
Tuesday, April 30, 2024


(Watkins, CO – April 30, 2024) – Kazmira, a name synonymous with excellence and innovation in the cannabis industry, is proud to announce its strategic pivot towards a groundbreaking endeavor – Kazmira Therapeutics. This shift comes in the wake of a proposal from the DEA moving to reschedule cannabis, marking a significant milestone in the industry and opening up new vistas for therapeutic applications of cannabis. 

For years, Kazmira has been at the forefront of the cannabis sector, consistently establishing standards for quality, safety, and efficacy through its state-of-the-art facilities and strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Armed with cutting-edge proprietary technology, a highly skilled workforce, and robust infrastructure, Kazmira stands as a dominant force in the realm of cannabis therapeutics. These efforts have not only showcased Kazmira’s commitment to excellence but have also laid a solid foundation for this transformative leap.

Cannabis Therapeutics are a Once in a Centennial Opportunity

The DEA’s shift of cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III will significantly broaden the spectrum of therapeutic possibilities. This change in scheduling seeks to balance the medicinal benefits of cannabis with the management of its potential for abuse, enabling the future of harm reduction therapies from cannabis.

Rescheduling could substantially change the business, financial, and legal landscape for the cannabis industry, facilitating more R&D, wider access, and increased acceptance. Kazmira Therapeutics is poised to harness this potential, bringing to the forefront innovative solutions that promise to redefine wellness and treatment paradigms across the globe.

“Kazmira’s vision is to transform hemp from Vice into Virtue,” commented co-founder and co-CEO, Mr. Pulak Sharma. “With cannabis rescheduling, we’re now proud to transform all of cannabis from Vice into Virtue.”

Reshoring Manufacturing to America

This rescheduling has the ability to significantly enhance U.S. manufacturing of cannabis therapeutics by relaxing research restrictions, drawing more investments, and enticing new companies to enter the market. This shift could create economic incentives for domestic production and enhance regulatory oversight to ensure quality control. 

Ultimately, rescheduling will spur the growth of cannabis-based therapeutics made in the U.S., improving lives, preventing supply chain shortages, and generating jobs across the industry.

Forging New Partnerships

As Kazmira Therapeutics embarks on this exciting new direction, we extend an invitation to companies and innovators within the reduced risk therapeutic products space to join us. Our goal is to foster collaborations that will push the boundaries of what’s possible in cannabis therapeutics, bringing forth solutions that offer unprecedented benefits to individuals around the world.

“Rescheduling enables Kazmira to be THE platform partner, accelerating FDA approved cannabis therapeutics” mentioned co-founder and co-CEO, Priyanka Sharma, PhD.

For more information about Kazmira Therapeutics and partnership opportunities, please contact us by phone or email.

Phone: 720-531-1634

Email: info@kazmira-llc.com


Kazmira’s vision is to transform cannabis from Vice into Virtue. As an industry leading partner for cannabis derived cannabinoid ingredients, we enable our partners to offer safer, higher performing, and innovative cannabis therapeutics. Kazmira is invested in the future of the cannabinoid industry with a passion for partnerships, R&D and cannabinoid regulatory policy.


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