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Just Released: Book of Rare Movie Star Stories
Paul Kyriazi - Feature Film Director Paul Kyriazi - Feature Film Director
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, December 3, 2021

Positive & Rare Stories
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Most of these postivie, thought-provoking stories would have been lost if not gathered in this book. The video tells the Clark Gable story that Frank Sinatra Jr. witnessed and told the author. It is re-told in this book and only this book. Here's another example of a story that would have disappeared about Dean Martin:

In 1935, when singers Dean Martin and Sonny King were first starting out, they had little money. They would go to a small coffee shop that served two donuts, coffee, and orange juice for a nickel.

Sonny would stay outside while Dean would go in and order the nickel breakfast. Dean would eat one donut and drink half the coffee and juice. Then Sonny would go in and say, "Hey Dean, you've got an important call." Dean would say, "Okay, why don't you finish my breakfast." Sonny would take Dean's seat, eat the other donut and drink the remaining coffee and juice.

The next time, Sonny would go in first and order, and then Dean would come in and tell him that he had a phone call and finish Sonny's breakfast.

After doing this several times, the manager caught on and said, "Hey, you guys don't have to do this. Just come in together and I'll serve you both for a nickel. You can pay me back sometime in the future."

Years later, Dean and Sonny searched for the manager and gave him $25,000 each. 

 Sonny King said: "Dean Martin and I lived together in a small apartment on the sixth floor. We were both amateur boxers, so we used to charge guys five dollars apiece to see us fight in our room. We'd get about ten guys. That's fifty bucks. ($980 today)

"Dean had just got his nose fixed, so I gave him a shot in the ribs which he really felt. Then bong, the round ended. As I turned around, Dean gave me a shot in the back, and I went flying out the window, six floors up.

"Luckily, there were venetian blinds, made of iron. And I hung on to those And Dean was laughing. Kind-hearted Dean was laughing like hell.

"They finally pulled me up, but they scrapped my chest on the blinds and I was bleeding. And I beat the hell out of Dean. So much so, that he couldn't open at the Hippodrome theater in Baltimore. I went in for him under the name of Dean Martin. But I couldn't sing in his key, because he was a baritone and I was a tenor. So I got fired."

Now you read/heard two surprising stories. There's 120 more in the book. 


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