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'Journey to Jershon: Scars of the Dark Sorcerer' -- Highly Anticipated Fantasy Novel
Joel Heath Joel Heath
Layton , UT
Monday, July 13, 2020

'Journey to Jershon: Scars of the Dark Sorcerer' -- Highly Anticipated Fantasy Novel


Joel Heath Releases his highly Anticipated Fantasy Novel – 

"Journey to Jershon: Scars of the Dark Sorcerer", and the second installment in this thrilling saga. "Battle for Jershon: The Rise of Shinar

The first books in a series called the "Jershon Saga", conjures thoughts of the Harry Potter genre. A delightful story to help escape reality and stimulate the mind. 

Layton, Utah, July 12, 2019, In this day and age where it seems bad news abounds on a daily basis, Joel Heath's new book, "Journey to Jershon: Scars of the Dark Sorcerer", provides a welcome reprieve. Finally, a riveting fantasy storyline that will draw the reader into a new reality. The book invokes visions as would be seen in the Harry Potter Series. Forget about politics and war, the reader will not have time to take his mind away from what the main character "Gabe" must do to survive and complete his mission.

Joel Heath proves himself to be an excellent wordsmith with this 233-page novel. During a recent interview, Joel explained his story, "Gabe Snow was a 30-something ex-convict who had every misfortune imaginable thrust upon him, until a mysterious woman named Anya appeared to him in a vision, pleading for help. Now, running from the law, an innate feeling is all Gabe has to lead him to a magical conduit that will transport him trillions of light-years beyond the edge of our known universe to a world where science and magic coexist, and a dark sorcerer threatens a powerful nation that struggles against a cancerous corruption. Gabe quickly finds himself unable to tell friend from foe as he journeys to rescue the mysterious Anya and stop a war from dividing the nation."

Readers have commented how engaging this story is. Reader Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Jessica Riggins, a Verified Buyer, had to say, "This novel was a quick read that was engaging and enjoyable. The mix of our world with a fantasy world is interesting and engaging. Gabe is a heartbreaking character, and with avoiding spoilers, you will feel for him at each circumstance. Tim makes you recall bad feelings from every bully you've encountered in life. Very relatable characters, and I am looking forward to more works from Heath."

About the Author:

Born on October 31, 1981, at home in Hyde Park, Utah, Joel is one of ten children born to Jeffory and his then-wife, Kathy. His family is descended from Rebecca Nurse who was hung as a witch in Salem Massachusetts. His wife also has ties to the Salem Witch trials, being a direct descendant of Cotton Mather, a prominent figure involved in the prosecution of the alleged witches.

Joel taught himself how to read, and then how to write when he was five years old, and was basically on his own after his twelfth birthday, following the death of his brother, and only friend, Joshua.

His education was limited to High School where his grades and his passion for writing suffered due to troubles at home, depression, significant learning disability, high functioning autism, and social isolation which developed into social anxiety. It wasn't until four years after high school that he met his wife at work while on break.

He currently lives in Utah with his wife and four kids.

For complete information, visit: https://joelheath.weebly.com/ where there are links to social media, email, and direct links to the published books.

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Joel Heath

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Layton, Utah


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