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Josh White Jr. Takes 'House of the Rising Sun' to New Heights in a Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon Ride Michigan Hot Air Balloon Ride Michigan
Detroit, MI
Sunday, October 8, 2017

Josh White Jr. Takes a 'Musical Hot Air Balloon Flight' with Westwind Balloon Co.
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'House of the Rising Sun' is one of the most covered songs ever written. The version we all know today by the Animals in the 60's, was created by Josh White Sr. who realized the deep blues inherent in the story. His son, Josh White Jr. took his guitar on a balloon flight with Scott Lorenz of Westwind Balloon Company and played that iconic song as they skimmed the treetops.  


Interestingly, White flew in a hot air balloon that has the image of a sun rising out of the waters of Lake Michigan. Their musical flight began in Island Lake State Park in Brighton, Michigan. "I love the acoustic version of this song," says Lorenz. "Josh is such a talented musician, I can listen to it again and again."



Michigan Fall Color Season is Now!

Lorenz says that Michigan's fall color season is fast approaching and there's no better way to see the colors than from a hot air balloon. Hot air balloonists offer a stunning platform from which to enjoy this once a year feast for the eyes.  "Michigan fall colors are spectacular flying OVER tree tops in a hot air balloon," says Lorenz, President and Chief Pilot of Westwind Balloon Company of Plymouth, Michigan. http://www.AboveMichigan.com


"The palate of colors just takes your breath away," says Lorenz "I love taking photos from the balloon especially when we fly over Island Lake State Park, it's fabulous, it's ten times better than driving. People just have no idea how pretty it is until they get above it."


"Want to get a preview of a flight?" asks Lorenz, "I put together of some of our fall color flights. The views are incredible as we glide over canopy of trees. There's no better way to enjoy Michigan's fall colors than from a hot air balloon." Check out a fall color flight with WDIV-TV of Detroit at:  https://youtu.be/DzOMvjEgX-U


Most hot air balloon rides in Michigan last about one hour and Lorenz flies over the woods and streams of Kensington Park and Island Lake State Park. He and several other pilot friends meet at Park 'n Ride area off Milford Road and I-96 (exit # 155) about 2 1/2 hours before sunset. From there he'll launch helium balloons, determine the wind direction, then take a short drive to one of nine launch sites in the area that give the best views and best landing sites downwind.


What to wear?  Lorenz suggests passengers wear tennis shoes and jeans.  He says the air temp "upstairs" is within a couple degrees of ground temp so it's not a factor. Cameras and video cameras are highly recommended to preserve the once in a lifetime moments while flying over the countryside.


Since fall color balloon flights are popular Lorenz suggests people call now to reserve a spot. Flights cost $695 for a private ride which is two passengers and the pilot. All flights are pre-paid. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and PayPal are accepted. Gift certificates are available.


To really appreciate all of the fall color that Michigan has to offer, call a balloonist and schedule a flight today, the view is really better from above! Fall Color Video URL: http://youtu.be/1R-QsurhW6M


Westwind Balloon Company- Plymouth, MI, Flying over Kensington Park, Brighton, South Lyon and Milford. 734-667-2098 http://www.westwindcos.com/balloon   Scott Lorenz, Pilot and Owner. 

About Scott Lorenz

Scott Lorenz, a commercial balloon pilot since 1982, has logged 1,850 + hours in-flight.

He has flown over Niagara Falls, The Great Wall of China, Disney World, the Olympics, Austria,

Japan, Spain, Red Rock Canyon NM. He co-piloted a Guinness World Record flight to 19,000' and a 20 hour-Gas Balloon flight from MI to KY. Westwind has been featured by FOX-2 Detroit, WDIV, WJR, The Detroit Free Press, Oakland Press to name a few and was named "most creative date" by It's Just Lunch. In 2012 Westwind was name one of America's Most Romantic companies for the balloon engagement flights. Scott's Westwind Balloon Company offers unforgettable rides over Michigan's breathtaking countryside. Balloon rides make terrific gifts!! Call 734-667-2098 or visit: http://www.AboveMichigan.com 


Westwind Balloon Company is a member of The Balloon Federation of America (BFA) and the Southeast Michigan Balloon Federation (SEMBA).

Michigan Fall Color Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BDl12PjPqQ


WDIV Fall 2014



For more information about Josh White Jr. visit: http://www.joshwhitejr.com/


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Name: Scott Lorenz
Title: Chief Pilot
Group: Westwind Balloon Company
Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States
Direct Phone: 734-667-2090
Cell Phone: 248-705-2214
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