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Jon Pirincci works with major TV-Film stars
Jonn Pirincci  --  Comedian Jonn Pirincci -- Comedian
Sherman Oaks, CA
Wednesday, April 14, 2021


JonnieP, oh Jon Pirincci the comedian and character actor has worked with top TV-Film stars the past few years, Especially now with the pandemic he has been working with major stars like Christian Bale(Canterburry Glass)Will Ferrel,(Easy Mark) Anthony Anderson(Blackish and Grownish)Will Ferrel and Paul Rudd remembered Jon for a show he did (Dead to me) back in October.Very nice guy also. The past years he has also worked major scenes with Don Cheadle(Black Monday).and did two national commercials with Ellen DeGeneres also.

Jon Pirincci is also a very social person that went to top events like the Oscars, Global awards and Directors Guild awards also. JP made friends with Jay Leno(who he did Stand up comedy with also), Tommy Chong(Cheech and Chong). Famous musicians like Todd Rundgren and Joe Walsh(Eagles).When he meets them he does his impressions and makes them laugh..So when you watch his You Tube Channel you will see many impressions and great shows like

"Celebrity food face". TV Film stars eat their favorite foods.

"First Impression" where he goes  on the street and tells strangers to do impressions.When they do it is funny...when they do not..even funnier.oh,,,when you like to sing songs like karaoke watch "

Karaoke Earth".Strangers did top songs right in front of Jimmy Kimmels studio.

So please watch the videos on his channel where thousands have also and getting subscribers.Then you will get through these crazy times and laugh, sing,and get in a better mood. Jon will personally get back to you when he sees your comments and likes.Stay safe and if Joe Pesci was here he would say...Forget about it or ill whack you!! 





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