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Join Tina Payne, Ultra Intuitive Business & Life Coach, Spiritual Master, on Facebook Live Broadcasts for Knowledge & Wisdom
Tina Payne, Ultra Intuitive Business Coach Tina Payne, Ultra Intuitive Business Coach
Hollywood , CA
Friday, November 02, 2018

Tina Payne, Ultra Intuitive Business & Life Coach, Spiritual Master

We are all looking for guidance in this rough and tumble world and Tina Payne is a proven intuitive coach whose natural insights have provided help to people around the world. Since early in life Tina has been blessed with the ability to heal and help others, and now that gift is on display during her Facebook Live broadcasts. Viewers join in from around the world to get help with her knowledge and wisdom about navigating the travails of life in these hectic times.

Go to Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TinaPayneSpiritualMaster to become part of Tina's World.

In the months ahead stories about how she has assisted a wide-variety of people with business, personal growth and finding their true mission will be published online and in book form.  

Finding your True Purpose in Life

Trueself -Finding Yourself! Honesty with your Purpose!

About Tina Payne:

Tina Payne has been a proven intuitive as a coach which has brought her to a place where her primary focus and desire is to bring success, purpose, healing and joy to as many as possible. Blessed with natural gifts of insight as an ultra intuitive business woman with the ability to heal others. Besides success in business and real estate, Tina's journey through life up to now has had some setbacks. Her rebirth has created a mission to deliver messages of hope, clarity, grace and love directly to those seeking a guiding hand in a world fraught with wandering souls filled with pain.

Raised in a highly-accomplished and religious family in Southern California, Tina Payne's spiritual insight and healing abilities showed early in life by the age of four. She kept these abilities hidden in an effort to fit in with others after six grade. Tina began modeling at the age of 12 and competed in various athletic pursuits, all the while surrounded by famous friends and celebrities. Raised as a socialite in an affluent family, she had no fear due to her father's influence and guidance. Her belief system never changed through the influence of negative situations. Tina's inclination to help others in a manner that revealed an inherent belief that people's good nature would readily show itself in the right circumstances never left her.

Tina's life has been filled with lessons from heartbreak, hard work, being successful through all difficulties and identity. She still kept her spiritual identity grounded in faith and the knowledge that such trials through tribulations were part of a larger purpose in life. With a selfless nature in an inherent belief  in the best in everyone was a gift as well as a burden and a job she felt from God. However, when the darkness descends is when the light is most required and Tina Payne never stopped believing in the light or wavered from those childhood messages. Tina's spiritual gifts were always profound and purposeful growing up they revealed themselves all the time.

Now, through her corporation Angel Planet, Tina Payne is bringing her gifts to many others in the form of seminars, one-on-one coaching, books, articles, blogs, speaking engagements, interviews, live online broadcasts and is igniting social media. Focusing on business, Relationships, mental health, physical and spiritual health and physics. She brings her knowledge, wisdom, experience and gifts so that people might realize their full potential in every aspect of their lives. Emphasizing that loving oneself and others with an open heart is fostering a belief in an un-bounded human potential. Tina taps into her own deep well of spiritual energy and perceptions in the service of those seeking help.

Her understanding and teaching has created a new world way of thinking as a personal spiritual master and teacher. She has spoke in front of large audiences providing a balance of grounded spiritual identity in business and life. Exposing the abilities of human nature never shown before. Tina Payne works to help people find their true self and reminds us all of our eternal memories.

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