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Jessie Murph - Music
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Friday, June 18, 2021


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Jessie Murph - Music


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16-year-old rising alt star Jessie Murph has released the official video for her latest single “LookWho’s Cryin’ Now.” The moody visual finds Jessie sporting streetwear fashion as shedrives through the night to blow of some steam following a breakup. Watch theGiraffe Studios-directed video. 

 Jessie Murph "Look Who's Cryin' Now!"
Jessie Murph

      “Look Who’s Cryin’ Now” is raw and honest with Jessie’s stunning and unique vocals on full display. Derived from personal experience that Jessie’s shared directly with her extensive TikTok following of nearly 4M people, the track has accumulated over 2.5M streams to date and cracked the top 12 on the iTunes’ Alternative Songs Chart upon release. “Look Who’s Cryin’ Now” follows Jessie’s debut single “Upgrade,” which has garnered more than 5.5M streams since release earlier this year
Stay tuned for more music from Jessie Murph coming soon!


      Born in Nashville, Tennessee yet raised in Alabama, Jessie’s early life was spent bouncing between small town and moderately big city. Her family moved from Nashville when Jessie was five, first settling into Huntsville, Alabama and later moving toAthens. Growing up, Jessie pursued her passions for figure skating andcheerleading, all while secretly wanting to be a singer. With both parentsbeing musicians, the dream of becoming a recording artist wasn’t that far off.
      It was when her family moved to Athens that there was a noticeable switch inlifestyle, one where women’s roles were still viewed to be cooking andcleaning. By this point, Jessie was already building a buzz on TikTok, postingvideos of her dancing to various songs and singing covers. Once her schoolcaught wind of her growing online popularity, they started wrongfully punishingher for it, ultimately causing Jessie’s family to relocate.
Jessie Murph being Jessie Murph  (You Rock Jess!)
      Not all was lost; the backwards society pushed Jessie further toward music,where she used songwriting to blast past the gender norms surrounding herformer community. While Jessie is still young, she knows exactly who she is andthe kind of music that she wants to make. “I always ask myself, ‘Is thissomething that I would listen to?’” she says matter-of-factly. “Because themusic I make is for girls and boys to scream to in their car, to cry to, andsay ‘fuck you’ to. I make songs that say the things we always want to say, butdon’t.”

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