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Janice Litvin to Present Banish Burnout Keynote Speech at ALASBO Annual Conference
Janice Litvin -- Wellness Speaker Janice Litvin -- Wellness Speaker
Anchorage, AK
Monday, November 28, 2022

Janice Litvin, Burnout Speaker to present at Alasbo Annual Conference


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Janice Litvin to Present Banish Burnout Keynote Speech at

ALASBO Annual Conference

(Anchorage, AL) ALASBO (Alaska Association of School Business Officials), announced today that Janice Litvin, Workplace Wellness Speaker and Author of Banish Burnout Toolkit, is set to deliver the keynote speech at their upcoming conference. Janice's keynote takes place on Tuesday, December 6th at 9:00 am at Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage.

Janice Litvin is on a mission to help those leaders and teams banish burnout in their rganizations. "In addition to helping employees learn how to self-manage, it is incumbent upon organization leaders to create a Banish Burnout culture, by helping managers fully engage and support their teams," said Litvin. Her Banish Burnout program does just that.

ALASBO supports Alaska's school business management professionals with its mission to promote the highest standards in school business practices. They accomplish this mission by educating stakeholders in the effective use of resources for the benefit of Alaska's children.

ALASBO's Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity for members from across the state to meet for professional growth and sharing of ideas and concerns. Like many professions hit hard by the pandemic, school districts are no different. According to Andy Ratliff, President of ALASBO's Board of Directors, maintaining ethical standards, sharing knowledge and expertise, and advancing the interests of diverse members are all important standards upheld by Alasbo.

As a resilience expert, Janice Litvin is an excellent speaker choice. Rick Hecht, Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert shares, "Stress is an inevitable, and necessary part of life, but it can be motivating or destructive. Janice Litvin combines her passion, experience, and expertise for health and wellbeing to deliver an easy-to-follow program to help manage stress, modify maladaptive thinking, and mitigate burnout."

To learn more about Alasbo and the Alasbo Annual Conference, visit https://Alasbo.org to learn more.

For more information about Janice Litvin and her burnout keynotes and workshops, visit https://www.JaniceLitvin.com


Janice Litvin, President of National Speakers Association of Northern California, is on a mission to help leaders and teams banish burnout in their organizations. She does this through keynote speeches, workshops and master mind groups. She can be reached at: Janice@JaniceLitvin.com.

To claim the first chapter of Janice's Banish Burnout Toolkit, go to https://www.JaniceLitvin.com/book.

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