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James Joyce tonight- Reading by the Celtic Arts Center NOHO 7pm PST on ZoomsDay Ulysses Live Reading
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Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, June 13, 2021

Announcing a worldwide masterwork
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Celtic Arts Center celebrates Blooms Day online tonight on Zoom,

7pm performance Sunday June 13th, Our ZoomsDay Event 2021


Tonight…Bloomsday, special event, 2021 Celtic Arts Center Performance  is open to the public by zoom invitation. If you have not yet subscribed and received your invitation.  We will do our best up to performance to include you, see the email below.  Find us generally for the post Covid-19 or online for classes now open or beginning this summer at: www.celticartscenter.com

ZoomDay 2021 of our production is free to the public.

To remember and celebrate this great author and his worldwide event….get your zoom invite and click in to enjoy the show where you can sit at the computer or using your phone to share this masterworks and celebrate the evening with Leopold Bloom, Stephen D, and Mrs. Molly Bloom for a virtual trip to Dublin at home or on the go. Wonderful acting and language will be a treat to your ears and a lift to your heart.

Please email us between 12:30pm and 6:30pm to get your link to the streaming reading of Ulysses by James Joyce and we will facilitate our audience as best we can (address below).

Adapted and directed by artist, musician, past treasurer and Board member, Larry (Larcon) Malley with a handpicked cast of members: William Knight, James, Horan, Virginia Morris, James Schendel, Katherine Wolfe, Thomas Ferranti, Tom Louie, Bo Lebo, and Larry Malley.

For newcomers to ZoomsDay 2021 and for the press, a list of information sites are listed below to study the work, see its history in the U.S., find out about other past readings, the Ulysses map of Dublin, CliffsNotes and the like and be ready for tonight or to help your friends understand the magnificence of the work(s), the period it was written in, Gaelic culture, the depth of the chapters in design and in the day of Bloom at work, play, politics, and in love as a human universal adventure and Homeric struggle.

You can find videos, BBC NI recordings, maps, pictures, and story explanations online to get ready for next year or understand the characters for tonight.  Cead Mile Faite! 



 ZoomsDay, Celtic Arts Center show tonight on the Web and continues its Cultural Innovations and service to NOHO, LA, SoCal and now on the web to the worldwide web…if you miss the performance tonight, there is a Celtic Arts Center youtube site for enjoying past cultural and artistic offerings after the fact.  We welcome your attendance and hope you will enjoy our reading.


Please consider joining and becoming a member.  Look for the Mayflower Club reopening under LA Health Recommendations when possible. 


Credits:  Ulysses by James Joyce, ZoomsDay Producer 2021 Larry Malley

Celtic Arts Center (Bloomsday Production 2021).


Seamus Heaney on Ulysses:

James Joyce's Ulysses - Seamus Heaney explains why James Joyce's Ulysses would be his choice of desert island reading. - BBC Sounds

Part of U.S. History, do not miss it!:

Bloomsday — The Irish American Bar Association of New York (iabany.org)


A Master Work- taught in Universities, and explored worldwide:

San Francisco-


Bloomsday Noon - A Montage of Readings, Performances, and Music on Zoom | Mechanics' Institute (milibrary.org) 


Bloomsday around town (sfgate.com)


Even a Race (Bloomsday Worldwide):



Meaning, History and Celebration:



Bay Area connection to Homer, author of Ulysses:

Hearing Homers Song www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkvhh7...


Get your membership and join the year-round fun:



Note to Audience!!!!!:

Should automation for subscribing need a human touch today for tonight write us at celt@celticartscenter.com to get an approved link, we do our best to accommodate you up to 6:30pm.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The Center Web Pages:


Example of our Special Event subscriber page:

Zoomsday! An Online Bloomsday Tribute to James Joyce (celticartscenter.com) 


The event description on the main page of the Celtic Arts:

An Claidheamh Soluis / The Celtic Arts Center - Welcome! 


The Celtic Arts Center Event Channel (Past Events):

The Celtic Arts Center - YouTube


Understanding the book, styles and characters:



A 2020 encouragement to take this great literary journey as part of our own.

President and Sabina celebrate Bloomsday 2020


A 2020 encouragement to take this great literary journey as part of our own touching the world with his observation, language, and literary expertise to awaken our humanity in one day through prose, verse, humor, and Dublin style-

A New Day will be- Bloomsday 2020:


Celebrating Irish Literature from California round our cities and regional communities and round the world:


BBC 4 NI excerpts:



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