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Is Your Bedroom Serving Its Purpose?
Tu-Anh Love -- Fashion and Lifestyle Designer Tu-Anh Love -- Fashion and Lifestyle Designer
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Washington, DC
Monday, April 20, 2020

I love taking time getting ready in my bedroom. Lace is always a part of my wardrobe.

I don’t know about you, but my bedroom is my most important and most sacred space in my home. It is my sanctuary and my go to space to de-stress, relax, and feel feminine and sensual, especially since the Coronavirus disease officially began.

My bedroom is where I go to disconnect from the chaotic life outside my home. It is my private getaway for restoration and rejuvenation of my mind, body, and spirit and only the blessed and pure souls with hearts of gold like children and animals are welcomed. ??

You are probably wondering what about the titan lover? Well, I will leave that up to your imagination (wink)

Do you connect with your partner deeply without words?

Since this not so pleasant disease began, married couples are spending more time at home together and let’s just say, not all of their bedroom activities have been fun and exciting. I know so because I hear it from friends and clients and also some of you have been messaging me through Social Media, emails, and calls asking for goddess guidance. That is why I think perhaps the Feng Shui in the bedroom could be off and needs some energy cleansing to spice things up in the relationship. So below are my three questions for you to think about, even if you are currently in a relationship with yourself. (smiles)

  1. Does your bedroom inspire good sleep, peace, calm and relaxation?
  2. Does your bedroom spark feelings of desire, fun, and sensual pleasures within you and/or with your romantic other?
  3. Does your bedroom create the ambiance where sacred lovemaking and great sex can take place with yourself or with your lover?
How affectionate are you with your lover?

If you have answered “No” to one or all of the above, then your bedroom life needs help and it’s time to give it a makeover and there is no better time than now. So no excuses, let’s get started and keep me posted along the way or contact me if you need support on what to do and where to begin. Have fun and I am sure for some of you, it may be an emotional roller coaster ride during the process.

Dancing and dressing up for your partner are activities every goddess should enjoy!
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