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Is There A Time to Be Silent?
Charles Page MD -- Texas-based Surgeon, Author, Storyteller Charles Page MD -- Texas-based Surgeon, Author, Storyteller
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Thursday, April 8, 2021


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Welcome to life’s about living. I’m, Dr page, and I have with me, Dr Erwin Lutzer. Many of you know Dr. Lutzer. He’s been a pastor for years. He’s, written a plethora of books and we’re talking today about his new book.

We will not be silenced, Dr. Lutzer, how are you today? I’m doing well and thanks for having me on absolutely it’s good to be here. You know, by the way, we’ve had Dr Lutzer on before. We felt like it was such a relevant topic that we needed to discuss this a little more.

We will not be silenced.

It’s available on amazon. It’s available on his website available in bookstores. In fact, i’m going to go. Try to get one today when i uh. When i go to the big city, but i want to start out with a question i i love the title, we will not be silenced.

You know dr lutzer, we live in a we live in a culture, a canceled culture and um. It seems like everybody is talking and nobody is listening. Is there ever a time to be silent? Well, yeah, there’s, a time to be silent.

If you don’t have anything wise to say, wouldn’t that be wonderful. If our whole culture went by that that we will be silenced whenever we have nothing significant to say, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Yeah, but i think, probably has to do with christians. Yes, there are times when we have to be silent, but there are times when we always also have to speak, and then we have to take the consequences and what i do in the book doctor is this.

I show how the radical left in america does not believe that america can be fixed. It has to be destroyed, correct and rebuilt on a marxist foundation, cultural marxism. So in the book – and possibly i mentioned this last time – i uh talk about such things as the vilification of our history.


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Correct, because if you want to build something brand new, you have to vilify the past and that’s. What’s happening? I also talk about such things as applying it to race. You know we live at a time when there’s, so much racial, polar racial division.

I’ll use that word, and that is intentional people. Don’t understand that, but all of these diversity studies are intended to make the races in perpetual conflict without any resolution until the oppressed overcome the oppressors.

That’s, what marx taught and until you have the whole idea of social justice by the way, which really is not biblical justice, and one of the other reasons i wrote the book chuck is to help people to understand why it is that when They send their kids to university.

Why do they come back? Hating, america so and then i apply it to freedom of speech and i have a chapter on propaganda and that’s, really where you began talking about the canceled culture in that chapter.

I point out that the purpose of propaganda is to associate people’s, view of reality that even when confronted with a mountain of evidence, they will not change their minds right and in that chapter i discuss how that is done, and then i apply It to the breakup of the family marx believed that the family was a unit of oppression, husbands, oppressed their wives, parents oppressed their children, they took them to church, god was the ultimate oppressor and if you were to take away oppression, everyone would live.

Happily. Everyone would be joyful and we’d, go on our merry way, so that’s. The vision of marxism is that is that possible to no it’s, not one of the big problems with marxism is and doctor. This is so important for our listeners.

One of the greatest problems is they deny original sin you, and i know that external oppression can influence people obviously, but the real oppression often exists within the human heart, and what we must do is to recognize that original sin means that all of us at times Can be racist, we can all say things it’s, not as if one group has all the virtues and the other has all the vices.

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We stand as sinners at the foot of the cross and we all need god’s. Grace and god’s wisdom. So these are the kinds of issues and you know, for example, black lives matter. Do black lives matter? Of course, black lives matter all black lives matter, but on their website.

The organization that takes that mantra says that it is marxist, and then it goes on to say that they believe in the disillusion of the nuclear family. Why marxism, when you have children that are destroyed through transgender teachings and same-sex marriages, told that they should explore what their sexual identity is? It causes the kind of confusion that marxists, like because kids, that are ruthless and confused are more easily led.

So i want to get back to one of the things that you said earlier in one of your chapters. We will not be silenced. You discuss that there’s. A method to the madness. Tell us a little bit about those methods that are being used say, for example, with our kids in college, with our kids, who are now having to face this propaganda.

What are those methods? Well, the method is this: you cannot seize power as long as you have a peaceful country. As long as people are at peace, you can’t, take advantage of what happens and build your power base.

So what you have to do is to destroy and to create divisions, and that is done certainly through racism, where everything is racist. Everything is looked at through the eyes of race, even the terrible killings in atlanta that happened a few days ago that is being reduced to a matter of race.

Even though there’s, no evidence for it, but it has to be exploited, and so what you want to do is to turn a country in itself, that is to say toward itself, so it begins to cannibalize itself. This is very critical and then what you do is you create the chaos and then you come along and say we have an answer for the chaos and the answer is you give us your individual rights and we’ll, take care of you and We’ll protect you, so let me get back to my first question about.

Is there a time to be silent because there’s, definitely a way to approach this with people who have this marxist worldview? You know how do we, how do we begin to communicate um this this, this christian worldview that you’re talking about to people in a way that, if possible, uh makes friends and not enemies? I mean this is not a popularity contest, of course, but what kind of what kind of advice can you give just for the everyday person in the marketplace? Well, first of all, what you have to do is to realize that we are to love everyone and so forth, but i point out in the book we will not be silenced that you’re interviewing me about.

I point out that um love can be very evil, adam and eve when they fell in the garden they didn’t, stop loving. They just started to love themselves lovers of money lovers of pleasure lovers of self, so love should not be used in order to compromise truth, but you do have those who want to be truthful, but they are also very vindictive judgmental and they’re.

Just not nice people to be around, so what we have to do is to make sure that we have that balance. But i also say in the book: it is better to tell the truth and be thought hateful than it is to whisper lies with a sense of compassion and caring.

So there’s, not an easy answer to your question. Everyone has to ask the question – and i would say this, that an age in which there is shouting everybody is shouting their own viewpoint. It is not up to us to shout, but it is up to us to speak, and so we speak differently.

We talk, but we do not shout and uh we let our banners know now doctor the reason i wrote the book will not be silenced is to help christians think through what is happening regarding race regarding the tearing down of monuments and the like, and to face These kinds of situations – a teacher here in chicago in the school system, said that he was told that it is not enough to simply tolerate same-sex marriage.

If you don’t celebrate it, you could lose your job all right. Now there’s, something and what i maintain is. It is so critical for christians to be willing to do what is right and take the consequences, and then i think it’s.

The responsibility of the church to come around. Somebody like that and say look in light of what has happened to you. We’re here for you. We’re gonna help you during this transition, because a christian cannot celebrate what god has condemned, but more and more those kinds of decisions have to be made to put a very clear doctor.

There is no place for us to hide and we could talk about the cancer culture to show how that is played out in our culture. We have with us today, dr erwin lutzer, on life’s about living. He’s. An author of multiple books: he’s, been a pastor for many years and he has wrote a very poignant book called.

We will not be silenced. I would recommend you getting it. I’m going to try to get my copy today. You can find it on amazon and dr lutzer. I’m, going to let you tell us very quickly where people can find your book find more about you and um your course your well.

What you can do, of course, as you already mentioned doctor is you can go to amazon uh. We will not be silenced. My last name is lutzer l-u-t-z-e-r. You can go to christian books, they’re having a wonderful sale.

I think they now have. Fifty percent off, and so you can buy them in multiple copies now doctor there might be some people listening who know about our ministry running to win is in 20 different countries in three different languages.

So if there are people who’d like to help us and say we’d like to contribute to your ministry for a gift of any amount, the book can be yours here’s. What you can do you can go to mcm mcm, of course, stands for moody church media mcm yeah write that down doctor uh.

I’m, giving you a prescription. Okay, mcm offer o-f-f-e-r. Now that’s, all one word: mcm offer dot com and for a gift of any amount, the book can be sent to you. Mcm offer dot com. Dr lucha, we’re gonna have to take a break.

It was great to have you on this segment. Once again, you can find these segments. In our last interview with dr lutzer on livesabotlivingshow.com, you can subscribe by texting lal to 66866 and dr lutzer, as always it’s good to have you on the show.

In the next series, we’re, going to be talking about some more cultural issues and maybe some things that are happening in church thanks for being on the show, and we’ll.

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