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Is Masculine sex-appeal at risk?
Dr. Romina Ghassemi --  Bax-u Posture Support Brace Dr. Romina Ghassemi -- Bax-u Posture Support Brace
Santa Monica, , CA
Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Dr. Romina Ghassemi

Is Masculine sex-appeal at risk?

Sex appeal by definition is the immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm.  What draws woman & men to each other, is a sense of intriguing mystery, dare to reach and explore.  First impression!  first non-verbal impression that speaks volumes about your confidence, power, success and strength.

When asked a group of heterosexual women: "What makes a man sexy,  78% said "A men in suits, gives the impression of Strength, Successes, Power, Confident and being capable".  Researcher studies documented: People with good posture are perceived as healthy, confident, successful, and capable people.  How you carry your self is one of the first non-verbal impression that speaks volumes about your confidence, power, success and strength.   

Another test instructed a group of men stand with good postures and noted that even after holding the posture for only a few minutes, the men experienced a 20% increase in testosterone and a 25% decrease in cortisol, the hormone that contributes to stress. Once a person has acquired a good posture, it's been observed to contribute to a person's overall energy level as their body is performing and working more efficiently.

Poor posture, is not only robbing your sex appeal but also your energy, and sexual drive.(labido)

The CNS (central nervous system) supply's the healthy function of every, cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.   Alteration of your body position over prolonged period of time changes the integrity and alignment of the supporting joints, discs muscle, and tendons of the body.

Many of us spend hours hunched over some sort of technological device, which causes prolonged pressure and pain to your spine and CNS, which can be a major contributor of organ malfunction as well as back pain or stiffness.

Here are  simple prevention and protection Tips:,

Build your CORE: Your abdominal muscles hold your body upright. A weak core causes overcompensation of the back muscles, resulting in stiffness, pain and or nerve pinch such as sciatica.

Exercise examples: Crunchescrunches with twistside-plankplank holdsback extensions.

Shoulders back: Rounded or unleveled shoulders? the muscles in our shoulders shorten and they curl forward with prolonged keyboard or smart phone use. Focus on strengthening the weak upper back muscles, stretch out the chest and wear a BAX-U posture corrector to help realign and retrain back and shoulder muscle memory.

Exercise examples: Reverse dumbbell flysdumbbell or resistance band rowsstanding chest expansiontorso stretch.

Head position: Average weight of your head is about 8-15lbs. Your ears should be above your shoulders, for every 1" forwards head  position there is over 10-30 lbs of pressure on the supporting back muscles leading to tension, stiffness and pain.

Exercise examples: Practice pulling your chin and head back to streatch your neck and upper back muscles. neck stretches.

Practic Safe Work Ergonomics

Adjust your work station, be conscious of your work ergonomics, sit up straight throughout the day, and stretch as often as you can.

Using BAX-U posture corrector 4hrs a day over 12 weeks proved 90% posture improvement at a US corporate wellness studies.  Poor habits won't be broken overnight but with aid of good posture supports and little effort, your body will find its natural equilibrium again and you may find your sex- appeal and labido a bit more popular.


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