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Ira Wolfe talks with Human Experience About Elevate and Monetize HR
Ira S. Wolfe -- Success Performance Solutions Ira S. Wolfe -- Success Performance Solutions
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Dateline: Lehigh Valley, PA
Sunday, August 1, 2021


In this week’s conversation on Geeks Geezers and Googlization Podcast, Ira Wolfe talks with Human Experience Evangelist, Elisa Garn on the topic “Elevate and Monetize HR”.

Segment One – The current labour shortage in the market and the arduous process of acquiring talent by companies have created a need to evaluate the role of HR.

For long HR has been assumed to be a department of least importance and the perception about their roles have been restricted to a few jobs. Elisa evaluated the current scenario and innovated a profitable recruitment drive that would not only enable companies hire candidates efficiently but also maintain a pool of talents within the industry in that geographical area. Organizations need to capitalize on talent pools and also team up together to maintain influx of candidates, make the process scalable, make candidate experience better and also narrow down offer period. For every hire a certain amount was paid to the main recruitment agency which ultimately paid the salaries of the hiring team and also brought the HR team in notice of the CEO. As per Garn there are three primary personas of HR. They are Traffic Cops, City Planners and Mayors. Traffic Cops are reactive in nature, whereas city planners are up in the hierarchy, making strategic decisions while Mayors focus on human experience and not just business.

Segment Two – HR is facing the most challenging time ever.

Male labour participation is going down and fewer people are working in the total population as compared to women. A greater percentage of people preferred staying in their current job rather than moving or switching. About 70% of people accept offer letter within a week which means that organizations need to fasten up the hiring process and this can be achieved by shifting to digital from analogue and paper works. What attracts candidates to organizations is prevailing wages in the industry, which needs to improve in a certain area, keeping the competitors in mind.


Quotes Segment One:

1. 7:16-“ By the way, thank goodness, like, I am sorry it took a pandemic to show everybody the mirror that its gonna be okay, but if there’s one good thing that came out of the pandemic, its proving to companies that business can still be done in hybrid and remote environment.”
The pandemic has been a horrible thing to have happened to humankind but the silver lining in it is that it gave businesses a new way to get jobs done. The technology that sustained this model of work did exist before the pandemic as well but it was the pandemic that got the use of technology, virtual meetings and work from home as a practical and efficient way to deliver work. The earlier notion that work can be delivered efficiently only from office spaces was deconstructed by the pandemic. The future of work is going to be a hybrid between remote and office space work.
2. 9:10- “Normal is not a thing, it is a verb.”

The world has been waiting to return to pre-pandemic level of normalcy where there we no restrictions. The mutation of the virus has also mutated the reality, which is that there is no going back to the older norms of normalcy. Norms of normalcy has been changed and the workforce has to adapt to it. It’s the adaptability that needs a lot of effort both physically and mentally. Normalcy hence starts with the mind and is executed by each individual in their own way. This makes normal a verb, a subjective outlook towards the evolving work environment rather than a perceived objective outlook.

3. 12:10- “ This happens sometimes in business where you have the C suite conversation at the table and sometimes you have an HR that interjects in a dialect of the C suite and gets the attention of executives because they are not used to the HR talking that language”.

HR department is assumed to be people who don’t contribute to the C suite conversation in an effective way. A communication between HR and C suite executives is a 2 way process and in order to get the attention of the executives HR folks need to elevate their dialect and value, learn to articulate facts and communicate to the executives in a language they understand. This would ultimately add value to HR department as a whole.

4. 17:44- “Be a forgiveness person rather than a permission person”.

Certain business decisions demand a quick actions. Every action involves some risk and if there could be an efficient way to assess risks is to returns, even from within the HR department people can take small and efficient steps to create innovative solutions within the department. Of course the risks have to small and not create compliance issues but there should be little risks taken to execute innovative ideas.

5. “Let’s plan it out before we launch it never happens”.

Rolling out an idea practically is effective as compared to planning it to execute it perfectly. Perfection happens gradually in the process of execution rather than in the planning stage. Executing is important than just planning.

Quotes Segment Two:

1. 37:40- “ More people looking for jobs, more employees looking for candidates than there are actual number of hires.

The number of candidates looking for jobs is high, the number of employers looking for people is high but hiring is low.

2. 40:48- “ Employee referrals is the best way of choosing candidates.”
  • When employees bring in new candidates, the team is assumed to be aligned effectively because people tend to bring in someone they like and someone who is like them, which would ultimately create a strong work bond between them.

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