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Inventor of the New Drizzi System Says There’s Benefits in Water Saving Garden Drip Systems and Vertical Gardens
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Monday, November 29, 2021


“In every drop of water, there is a story of life.” - John Muir

Six years of sketching, dabbling, and prototyping later, I created the Drizzi Drip System, an innovative drop-by-drop irrigation system that aims to cut water waste helping gardens to thrive.”

— Patrick Jee, Inventor

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, November 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The drop-by-drop solution for responsible and reliable irrigation meets a ready marketplace. Enter Drizzi. Newly launched, the Drizzi System was built on a singular vision - to promote and share accessible and sustainable solutions for the use of water in gardening. Drizzi’s drop-by-drop system is an innovative irrigation system that delivers water to plants to influence climate change, population growth, and urban development as a way of reshaping the way people think about water. What was once abundant is now becoming a scarce resource that is increasingly difficult to access, despite its critical role in cultivating the produce needed to survive. 

It's no secret that water scarcity will have devastating effects on public health, socioeconomic equity, and sustainable economic development in arid regions. However, even in areas where water is abundant, current water management practices are unsustainable. 

Now more than ever, it is essential to ensure that everyone is conserving water in every way possible. One effective water-saving strategy is ensuring that plants have the adequate supply of water that they need to grow and thrive without over-watering them. Water-wise agriculture may be the solution for this problem, but it shouldn’t be confined to large-scale farming practices. Home gardeners have just as important a role to play. One drop at a time, 24/7. This simple yet reliable system requires minimal maintenance and uses no electricity, making it ideal for almost every gardening setup imaginable.
How It Works

- The Drizzi Technologies system relies on gravity to deliver water to each plant, one drop at a time. 

- It is a fully mechanical setup means that it requires no electricity to function. 

- Water is delivered from an elevated bottle or container through a small tube to the plants. 

- Water is drawn from the container by gravity and then, through the juxtaposition of the nozzle, the flow rate of water is controlled as it delivers water to the plant.
The Benefits of Drip Technology

When implemented on a commercial scale, drip irrigation has the potential to:

- Reduce the impact of droughts and water shortages on food production.

- Avoid fertiliser leaching into rivers, groundwater, and the sea.

- Support small-scale farming and bolster income in impoverished communities.

- Produce higher yields of premium-quality produce.

- Reduce water waste through overwatering, run-off, and evaporation. 

- Reduce the risk of plant disease by watering surrounding soil instead of foliage.

- Deliver great results across practically every terrain, soil type, produce and climate. 

- Save valuable time and resources like labour and electricity. 

For home gardeners, the benefits are just as great. Drizzi’s dedicated drop-by-drop watering system is the forgetful gardener’s best friend, ensuring that each plant receives the optimal amount of water throughout the day, every day of the year. The result is a lusher, healthier garden that requires much less effort and physical labour while preventing water waste. 

Jee said of his invention, “One morning, I came across a cup of tea steeping in my kitchen. Perhaps not a strange occurrence, but what drew my attention on this particular morning was the puddle of tea that had formed on the counter next to the teacup. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the drawstring from the teabag was conveying droplets of tea over the edge of the teacup and onto the counter, one drop at a time. 

At first, I could not figure out how this was happening unassisted, but soon I realised that gravity was encouraging a continuous flow of tea along the string and onto the counter. This simple idea, so perfectly illustrated by the image of the teacup and the puddle, started to turn the gears in my mind towards other applications for this natural liquid transportation phenomenon. 

Six years of sketching, dabbling, and prototyping later, I created the Drizzi Drip System, an innovative drop-by-drop irrigation system that aims to cut water waste while helping gardens everywhere to thrive. Using the same principles of gravity and water dispersion, my invention is proving that low-tech options have a place, not perhaps locking horns with technologically advanced solutions which are often expensive to set up and difficult to maintain. Six years in the making. I feel its time has finally arrived.”

For more information, visit https://drizzitechnologies.com/.

About Drizzi:
Drizzi was invented by Patrick Jee and is based in Victoria, Australia.

About Patrick Jee:
Patrick Jee is an avid gardener and passionate advocate for responsible water use who hopes that his Drizzi system will reframe the way that both commercial and home gardeners think of irrigation and in so doing conserve millions of litres of water every year.

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Malvern. Victoria. 3144 Australia

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