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Into the Spotlight: The Jake Ilardi Documentary
Nate Ilardi, Jake Ilardi, Liam Jordan Nate Ilardi, Jake Ilardi, Liam Jordan
Sarasota, FL
Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Into the Spotlight: The Jake Ilardi Documentary
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From the small town of Osprey, Florida emerges a rising star in the world of skateboarding. Jake Ilardi, with his relentless dedication and raw talent, has ascended the ranks to stand shoulder to shoulder with the globe's elite skateboarders. Now, with the release of the documentary INTO THE SPOTLIGHT, the world gets an intimate look into Jake's remarkable journey.

INTO THE SPOTLIGHT delves into the heart of Jake's story, chronicling the triumphs, trials, and injuries that have marked his path to the upper echelons of the skateboarding world. From humble beginnings to international recognition, the film captures the essence of Jake's relentless pursuit of excellence.

However, Jake's mission extends beyond personal achievement. At the core of his journey lies a deep commitment to his local community. Amidst the challenges of maintaining access to their beloved skatepark, Jake emerges as a beacon of hope, rallying support to keep the park operational and accessible to all.

As skateboarding prepares to make its debut in the upcoming Summer Games, Jake Ilardi represents the vanguard of a new era for the sport. His journey, as depicted in INTO THE SPOTLIGHT, epitomizes the spirit of determination and resilience that defines skateboarding culture.

"Jake's story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance," says Director Liam Jordan. "Through INTO THE SPOTLIGHT, we aim to inspire audiences worldwide and shed light on the transformative impact of skateboarding."

For more information about INTO THE SPOTLIGHT and Jake Ilardi's journey, visit www.intothespotlightmovie.com/about.

For media inquiries, interviews, or screening requests, please contact:

Nate Ilardi



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Direct Phone: 941-256-1147
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