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Insights from Martin Sneider's Amy Unbound
Norm Goldman --  BookPleasures.com Norm Goldman -- BookPleasures.com
Montreal, QC
Monday, March 18, 2024


Martin Sneider's Amy Unbound delves deep into the intricate realm of relationships. The novel offers a compelling journey through the complexities modern marriages encounter, navigating the delicate balance between career aspirations, personal development, and the enduring ties of matrimony.

Questionable actions often sow the seeds of consequences, ripening into outcomes that reverberate through time. Whether driven by impulse or calculated choice, such actions bear the weight of uncertainty and risk. They may spark distrust, rupture relationships, or fracture trust.

The novel's heart revolves around a wife who feels increasingly neglected as her husband pours more energy into his job, leaving her craving connection and attention.

Faced with this imbalance, she sets out on a journey to find her own independence and identity.

Through relatable characters and themes, Sneider paints a vivid picture of the challenges couples face in balancing work, personal growth, and the bonds of marriage.

The intriguing narrative follows Joshua Feldman, a successful executive at Missouri Atlantic Group (MAG), the foremost private equity firm in the fashion industry.

Alongside him is his wife, Amy Feldman, formerly a partner at a prestigious law firm, now deeply engaged in Jewish community initiatives, political activism, and efforts for societal change in St. Louis, Missouri. She was profoundly moved by Obama's victory in 2009.

Their daughter, Allison, plays a significant role in the story, as we will soon discover. Upon graduating from Northeastern University, Allison, an intern at the Chicago Tribune and a distinguished journalism student, consciously aligned herself with the Tattler, a bold left-wing newspaper.

The Tattler advocates for the dismantling of the free enterprise system in America. Additionally, Allison is unwavering in her resolve to confront Big Oil and its seemingly unchecked capacity to harm the planet. The Tattler fearlessly uncovers the truth.

Her parents find themselves perplexed by her decision, struggling to comprehend why she veered from pursuing her career with the esteemed Chicago Tribune.

The novel unfolds in seven distinct parts, initially acquainting readers with Joshua, his wife Amy, their daughter Allison, Joshua's brother Rand, who is openly gay, and Joshua's father, Max.

Josh's relationship with his father, Max, is strained. MAG acquired Fratelli Masimo around the beginning of 2021, investing a significant portion of his net worth into the deal.

Despite maintaining his position as the company's CEO, Max exhibited behaviors reminiscent of newfound freedom, paying scant attention to the business, reveling like a rock star, and ultimately overseeing the collapse of what had once been a thriving chain of shoe stores.

To salvage the situation, Josh proposed liquidating Fratelli Masimo to MAG and personally guaranteeing the financial deal through the Feldman Family Partnership fortune, ultimately resulting in Max's dismissal. Interestingly, Josh had already cashed out before the events unfolded.

Additionally, a few minor characters add depth and intrigue to the novel, keeping the narrative engaging and multifaceted.

As the story progresses, Amy confronts Josh, expressing her profound dissatisfaction with their shared life and her uncertainty about her feelings for him despite still caring deeply. She desires to avoid a formal separation, whether legal or otherwise.


Amy embarks on a cross-country journey pursuing a role with an advocacy group committed to fostering social change. Despite receiving warm receptions at every stop, the outcomes of her meetings fall short of her expectations.

With the help of a contact, Amy secures a position in Chicago with the newly established Chicago Alliance for Social Justice, a rapidly growing organization backed by substantial funding. Taking on the director of external affairs role, she gears up to travel to Washington to advocate for legislative change.

Amy encounters Charles "Chip" Henson, its dashing and affluent director, within the folds of The Chicago Alliance. Chip hails from the esteemed Henson family of Kenilworth, Illinois, one of America's wealthiest clans. Their company, Dynamic Industrials (DI), specializes in domestic and international ventures, focusing on green energy alternatives. 

To boot, they support a foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, promoting diversity, and advancing welfare in the communities they serve. Chip serves as CEO of DI, and the foundation is a vital supporter of The Chicago Alliance's mission.

Meanwhile, Josh's efforts to win back Amy become increasingly desperate as she consistently rebuffs his attempts. Despite his relentless pursuit, nothing seems to sway her. With each rejection, Josh's frustration mounts, and he begins to entertain the unsettling notion that his marriage may be irreparably damaged.

In Amy Unbound, Sneider weaves a compelling narrative that delves deep into the complexities of marriage, personal growth, and the pursuit of fulfillment.

As Amy and Josh's tumultuous journey unfolds, readers are drawn into a world where love, ambition, and self-discovery collide. 

Through vivid characterizations and intricate plot lines, Sneider navigates the intricacies of relationships with nuance and sensitivity. With its poignant exploration of love, loss, and the pursuit of happiness, Amy Unbound is a thought-provoking tale that lingers long after the final page is turned, leaving readers reflecting on the fragility and resilience of the human heart.

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