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Innovative Solutions for Military Recruitment: A Conversation with Second Lieutenant Matthew Weiss
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Dateline: Montreal, QC
Friday, October 27, 2023


Ina recent interview, I had the privilege of engaging in acomprehensive discussion about the Gen Z recruitment challenge withSecond Lieutenant Matthew Weiss.

Matthew,a dedicated Intelligence Officer in the United States Marine Corpsand the author of We Don't Want YOU, Uncle Sam, offeredinvaluable insights into this critical issue and presented innovativesolutions.

Understandingthe Gen Z Recruitment Challenge

The Gen Z recruitmentchallenge has emerged as a prominent concern within the United Statesmilitary. Matthew astutely pointed out that the dialogue surroundingthis issue is often dominated by well-established Generals andAdmirals, who were primarily recruited decades ago.

Thiscreates a significant gap in understanding the perspective of theyounger generation. Matthew’s book delves deep into the military’schallenges when recruiting from this dynamic and distinctgeneration.

AUnique Background in Finance and Technology

Matthew’smultifaceted background sets him apart from other authors addressingthis issue. His experience in mergers and acquisitions at acutting-edge defense technology company equips him with a profoundunderstanding of the corporate world.

Thisperspective proves to be invaluable in the context of militaryrecruitment.

Furthermore,his educational achievements, including a Bachelor of Science and anMBA from the prestigious Wharton School at the University ofPennsylvania, reinforce his capacity to approach this complexchallenge with a unique perspective.

TheProvocative Title: “We Don't Want YOU, Uncle Sam”

Thetitle of Matthew’s book, We Don't Want YOU, Uncle Sam,offers a bold and thought-provoking take on the heart of the Gen Zrecruitment challenge

Itcleverly alludes to the iconic WWI Army recruiting poster featuringUncle Sam pointing and saying, “I Want You!” However, Matthewunderscores that the younger generation, Gen Z, requires a differentapproach.

Thistitle encapsulates the central issue in his book, emphasizing theneed for a deeper understanding of Gen Z’s viewpoints and valuesregarding military service.

CriticalDifferences Between Gen Z and Previous Generations

Duringthe interview, Matthew explored the critical disparities betweenGeneration Z and their predecessors that significantly impactmilitary recruitment.

Unlikemillennials, Gen Z is not characterized by the “everyone gets aparticipation trophy” mentality. They are fiercely competitive,driven by instant feedback through social media, and possess a uniqueapproach to employment.

Moreover,Gen Z faces a higher prevalence of mental health issues due to theoverstimulation caused by their digital devices. These distinctionsadd complexity to military recruitment efforts, necessitatingeffective strategies for addressing them.

Addressingthe Meaning Problem with “Military Meaning Mentorship (MMM) Calls”

Duringthe interview, Matthew introduced a novel concept: the “MilitaryMeaning Mentorship (MMM) calls.” This innovative approach meets GenZ's desire for meaningful work by helping them understand how theirmilitary service contributes to a larger purpose. Crucially, Gen Zprefers learning from their peers—current Gen Z service members—whocan explain the personal significance of their military roles.

Thisapproach offers a more relatable and impactful method of engagement.

TheRole of Veterans in Recruitment

Matthewunderscored the vital role of veterans in inspiring future recruits.He suggested implementing honest exit interviews to foster anenvironment that encourages veterans to share their experiencestransparently, allowing veterans to provide valuable feedback andadvice. This transparency is essential for the military tocontinually improve and evolve.

ShorterService Contracts for Gen Z Recruits
In his book, Matthewproposes the idea of shorter service contracts for Gen Z recruits.Recognizing that the traditional four-year commitment may not alignwith the aspirations of all Gen Z individuals, especially those withattractive career alternatives, shorter contracts could entice highlytalented individuals to contribute two intense years of servicebefore pursuing different paths.

Modernizingthe Health Accession System

Theinterview also addressed the pressing need to modernize the healthaccession system. Outdated health qualifications dating back to WorldWar II are still in use. Matthew suggests comprehensivelyreevaluating the entire Department of Defense manual on healthqualifications. This reevaluation aims to ensure relevance and jobspecificity.

Adaptingto Gen Z’s Changing Values

GenZ’s evolving values, including their changing relationship withreligion and a preference for non-traditional influencers, werediscussed during the interview. Adapting to these shifts requires themilitary to effectively engage influencers and integrate marketingmessages with celebrities and online personalities who wieldsubstantial influence over this generation.

Fosteringa Better Culture for Females in Uniform

Matthewemphasized the significance of recruiting more females into themilitary and creating an inclusive and supportive environment.Achieving gender diversity within the military is crucial. Matthew'sinsights highlight the importance of making female service membersfeel welcome and supported in roles where they can excel.

FacilitatingEducation and Upskilling

Matthewsuggested that veterans should be offered opportunities to enroll incollege degree programs, encouraging service members to continuetheir education. Prioritizing upskilling while in the military allowsindividuals to emerge from their service with enhanced capabilitiesfor success in the civilian world.

PersonalExperiences and Insights

As a member of Generation Z, Matthewinterweaves his book with personal anecdotes from his life, drawingfrom his childhood in New Jersey, his time at the Wharton School, andhis experience working in a rapidly growing technology company. Thisrelatable approach invites a broader conversation about the Gen Zrecruitment challenge in which everyone can participate.

Theinsights shared during the live interview with Second LieutenantMatthew Weiss shed light on the pressing issue of the Gen Zrecruitment challenge within the military. His unique background andinnovative ideas present valuable solutions for navigating theevolving landscape of military recruitment. Understanding andeffectively engaging with Generation Z is essential for securing thefuture of the United States military, and Matthew Weiss’sperspective offers a crucial step in that direction.

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