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In a World of Uncertainty - Guarantees of Long-Term Care Planning Provide Peace of Mind
Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert
St.Louis, MO
Friday, March 4, 2022

Matt McCann - Long-Term Care Specialist

The headlines are scary. We started with living through several years of a worldwide pandemic. The virus crisis changed our lives in many ways. Now we see inflation and the threat of war. Living in uncertainty is never easy. 

"Despite all this uncertainty, most people still seek some certainty in their lives," said Matt McCann, speaking to insurance and financial professionals in the St. Louis area. 

McCann, a nationally known expert on long-term care planning, says the problem of long-term health care has become front and center with many American families in the past few years.

More Families Being Touched By Long-Term Care Crises 

"The pandemic put long-term health care facilities and the problems of health issues and aging on the TV news and in our newsfeeds on our smartphones. So many families have been touched by the issue of long-term health care that many people realize they must have a plan," McCann said.

McCann said that people are experiencing the consequences of long-term care. 

"Sure, long-term care is a cash flow issue. With the rapidly growing cost of care services nationwide, these costs will take a bigger bite out of income and savings. However, the consequences on our families may have a longer-lasting impact on our loved ones," McCann said.

Family Caregivers Face Tremendous Burden

When no plan exists, adult children, often daughters or daughters-in-law, become the caregivers. Family members are untrained and unprepared for a physically and emotionally demanding job.

"Caregivers face stress and burden, and their careers and families are affected. These are the lasting memories that most of us don't want to leave our loved ones. We want our loved ones to have the time to be family and not caregivers," McCann explained.

McCann said today's world is bringing us many challenges. Some people who thought they could self-fund future long-term care expenses discover that between the higher cost of care services and market fluctuations, they are no longer comfortable doing so and start looking at guarantees.    

Rapidly Rising Long-Term Health Care Costs are Concerning

Long-term health care costs are rising rapidly nationwide, but costs vary depending on where you live and the type of services a person requires when they need care.

McCann uses the LTC NEWS Cost of Care Calculator to find the current and future cost of long-term health care services for any place in the country - Cost of Care Calculator - Choose Your State | LTC News.

"Long-Term Care Insurance provides guaranteed tax-free benefits and resources that allow you to access your choice of quality care options, including care in your home. Guarantees offer certainty and peace of mind. These guarantees are nice in an uncertain world," McCann explained.

Long-Term Care Insurance is already working for American families providing the funds to pay for care services in all settings, including in-home care. In 2021 the top insurance companies spent over $12.3 billion in benefits.

Change is Always a Reality 

There is little debate that change happens. The economy changes, often without notice. Inflation, international events, domestic politics all adversely impact your income and savings when you least expect it.

At the same time, McCann says, we see declining health.

"Aging happens. People need long-term health care services due to an illness, accident, or the impact of aging. With declining health comes the increased risk of needing help with daily living activities or supervision due to memory loss. Often we decline slowly. Sometimes an accident or sudden health event will happen unexpectedly and create an immediate need for long-term health care. Being prepared will safeguard assets and reduce the burdens otherwise placed on those we love," McCann said.

LTC Insurance Offers Guarantees in an Uncertain World

McCann says you can depend on the guaranteed tax-free resources of Long-Term Care Insurance. 

"You can control only a few things in life, but we can depend on a Long-Term Care Insurance policy to deliver access to your choice of quality care and peace of mind for your family. In a crazy, ever-changing world, eliminating some of the uncertainty will take some of the worries away," McCann added.

McCann says interest in Long-Term Care Insurance keeps increasing every year; however, some people are unaware of how affordable LTC Insurance can be for many people.

LTC Insurance is Custom Designed

Premiums are based, in part, on your age, health, family history, and the total amount of benefits in the policy. 

"Long-Term Care Insurance is custom designed. You get to decide how much help you want when you need care. Premiums do vary over 100% between insurance companies. Underwriting criteria also vary between insurance companies. Seeking help from a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist will make this process easier for consumers and advisors," McCann explained.

Most people obtain Long-Term Care Insurance coverage in their 50s to enjoy lower premiums and even good health discounts.

While consumers should always work with a specialist, McCann finds that many financial advisors and general insurance agents seek help with their clients. He suggests that many financial advisors and general insurance agents team up with qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist who represents the top companies to help clients find appropriate coverage at the best value. 

Working with a Specialist Saves Money

McCann represents the top companies and helps people nationwide. His unique process allows consumers to speak with him on the phone while viewing his computer screen on their device from the safety of their home. This easy and safe process enables consumers to shop all the top companies from one trusted source and get free and accurate quotes along with professional recommendations.

"Life never seems to get easier, and world and national events come and go. We can depend on change. Aging itself brings change and challenges. Being prepared for those challenges now will benefit you, your family, and your finances. Aging happens. Be ready," McCann said.

Shop the companies from one trusted source. Get free and accurate quotes along with professional recommendations - Free Quotes (mccannltc.net)

In a world of uncertainty, being prepared can add comfort.

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