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In Conversation With Triple Daytime EMMY® winner, TV personality, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Gaby Natale
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Dateline: Montreal, QC
Saturday, January 9, 2021

Bookpleasures.comwelcomes as our guest, Gaby Natale. Gaby is a triple DaytimeEMMY® winner, TV personality, bestselling author andmotivational speaker.

She is the executiveproducer and host of the nationally-syndicated TVshow SuperLatina on PBS' VME network. 

She is breaking barriersby becoming the first Latina to be published by HarperCollinsLeadership with the release of her book The Virtuous Circlewhich hits the stands on January 5th, 2021. By partnering withHarperCollins Leadership, Natale is the first Hispanic author to joinan impressive roster of bestselling names including John C. Maxwelland Rachel Hollis, among others.

Gaby is among a fewwomen in the entertainment industry who owns not only the rights toher TV show but also a television studio. This unique situation hasallowed her to combine her passion for media and her entrepreneurialspirit. 

People magazine namedNatale one of 2018’s “25 Most Powerful Latinas.”

Gaby is also the founderof AGANARmedia, a marketing company with a focus on Hispanicaudiences that serves Fortune 500 companies such as Hilton Worldwide,Sprint, AT&T, eBay and Amazon. In the digital world, she hasa thriving fan base with over 52 million views on YouTube and 250K+followers on Social Media.

Gaby holds a bachelor’sin International Relations and a master’s degree in Journalism fromthe University of San Andres and Columbia University.

Prior to starting hercareer in television, Gaby taught Communication and Journalismcourses at the University of Texas. Originally from Argentina, Nataleholds triple citizenship from the United States, Argentina and Italyand has lived in London (UK), Mexico, Washington DC and Buenos Aires.

Norm: Good day Gaby andthanks for participating in our interview.

What do you consider to beyour greatest success (or successes) so far in your careers?

(PhotoCredit Billy Surface).

Gaby: Ithink the greatest success so far has been staying true to who I am.Being able to express my own voice, go through life, art and businessas well as marching to my own beat has been the biggest challenge andthe biggest accomplishment at the same time.  And thatintentional decision to do things coming from a place of truth iswhat -I believe- differentiated me, made my work stand out andeventually allowed me to win 3 national Emmys, become anentrepreneur, a beauty founder, a speaker and an author.

Norm: What has been yourgreatest challenge (professionally) that you’ve overcome in gettingto where you’re at today? 

Gaby: Thebiggest challenge was to convince myself that I had everything Ineeded to break barriers and be pioneer. That I could be what I couldnot see in the world. I am convinced that when you are a pioneer, youmove the world forward. But to break barriers in the outside world,first you have to do the inner work of breaking many of your owninner barriers. That epiphany led me to many firsts includingbecoming the first Latina author published by HarperCollinsLeadership.

I lovethis topic of becoming a Pioneer so much that I did a whole TEDx talk  about it.

Norm: If you could relivea moment in your life, which moment would you choose and why?

Gaby: Idon’t believe much in looking back or idealizing the past, but if Ihad to choose, I would probably go with happy moments I shared withpeople that are no longer among us.

Norm: Could you tell usabout people or books you have read that have inspired you to embarkon your own careers?

Gaby: BeforeI was an author in the personal growth space, I was a voraciousreader. I think about some of my favorite authors in theself-help/spirituality world as my friends even though we never metin person.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work has been at my bedside ever sinceI was 16 years old. I am 42 now. It is incredible that the bond wecan establish with our favorite authors, can also be of so much helpin the moments we most need their tools.

To me, Dr. Wayne Dyer wasthe person that I had never met face to face, but I cried the mostwhen he died. The wonderful thing with our favourite authors andartists is that their work stays with us even when they are gone.

Norm: How many times inyour career have you experienced rejection? How did they shape you?  

Gaby: Beingan immigrant, you need to know that rejection is part of the process.It can be hard in the beginning, but it makes you stronger in theend.

Starting from the bottomin a new country is a humbling experience that teaches you a lotabout resilience. You don’t have the friends, family, or a safetynet that you had back home. You can really feel that you are in avulnerable position when you are a newcomer. Some people want to helpyou. Others take advantage of you.

When I first arrived inthe United States, I was financially abused by my first employer. Hetook advantage of me, forcing me to pay for both my taxes as anemployee AND his taxes as an employer.

My already modest $37K grosssalary shrank so fast I still don’t know how I managed to make endsmeet in a city as expensive as Washington DC.

What he did was not onlyimmoral but also illegal. But -at the time- I was in no position todemand what was fair.

My job depended on an employment-based visathat his company had sponsored. And that visa allowed me to legallywork and live in the United States ONLY if I was able to keep my job.Basically, I had to endure financial abuse so I would not becomeundocumented.

Time has passed and thingshave changed for the better for me. I am now a US citizen and anentrepreneur, and I have used my position to speak up for socialjustice in many stages from TEDx to the United Nations to the DaytimeEmmys.

Norm: How did you becomeinvolved with the subject or theme of your book, The VirtuousCircle and could you tell our readers a little about the book?

Gaby: Personalgrowth is something I am extremely passionate about. After spendingover ten years doing interviews with people at the top of theirfields — from the arts to science to sports- I noticed that thesesuper achievers had many things in common from their ability to beself-aware of their potential to their daily habits and need to giveback.

I summarized these patterns in my book The VirtuousCircle. In a nutshell, The Virtuous Circle is made up ofseven archetypes that live within us.

Each one constitutes a phaseand corresponds to a particular action. The seven archetypes andtheir respective actions are the dreamer (visualize), the architectplan), the maker (execute), the apprentice (perfect), the warriorpersevere), the champion (achieve) and the leader (inspire).

The book includesinterviews with super achievers from all walks of life includingDeepak Chopra, Carlos Santana, Isabel Allende and more.

This book is also thestory of an underdog who became obsessed with interviewing fellowunderdogs to create a roadmap that can help others around the worldin the pursuit of their dreams. It is the result of my frustrationwhen I could not find books on personal growth written by people likeme.

The Virtuous Circle is abook for dreamers, the rebels at heart who see beyond thecircumstances surrounding them. Those who know that somethingwonderful is waiting for them but have not yet dared to take thatfirst step toward their new destination.

I wrote this book as areminder that there is beauty in being an underdog. That we do notneed to change ourselves to feel worthy. And that wonderful thingscan happen even in difficult times.

Norm: What has been thebest part about being published?

Gaby: Knowingthat the message of TheVirtuousCircle will touch more lives. Thisbook has been so many people’s companion in challenging times: frompeople doing quarantine and recovering from COVID to those unemployedand looking for inspiration to others who read it to keep themselvescalm while waiting for an unexpected tornado to pass.

Norm: What were your goalsand intentions in this book, and how well do you feel you achievedthem? What do you want your work to do? Amuse people? Provokethinking and what would you say is the best reason to recommendsomeone to read the book?

Gaby: I wantpeople to know that what they are looking for lives ALREADY inside ofthem. That the super achievers that I met were not radicallydifferent from the rest of us, but they did do something differentthan most of us: they gave themselves the permission to seethemselves not just by who they were at a particular time or place,but who they could become.

The were able to see beyond the visibleand appreciate themselves through the eyes of pure potential.

Norm: What process did yougo through to get your book published?  

Gaby: Theinterviews used as source material for the book were done throughouta decade. Then, once I had the concept of The Virtuous Circleand its seven archetypes in mind I started writing.

It took me 6 months towrite the first draft, several more months to oversee the differentrounds of edit (I did this for both the Spanish and Englishversions).

I was also involved in the artwork of the book. I wantedto create the illustrations with a certain style and look. The launchdate of the book was moved multiple times due to the pandemic.Finally, narrating the audiobook took about 20 hours (plus two morefor retakes).

Norm: What do your plansfor future projects include?  

Gaby: Iconsider myself a person with eclectic taste when it comes toprojects. I love the adventure of trying new things and going forendeavours that might be somehow unexpected.

In 2021, I will continueto create content through all my different platforms and do publicspeaking.

Also, I love combining storytelling with my entrepreneurialside. Last year, just before the pandemic, I launched my own hairextensions line www.WelcomeAllBeauty.com andI am very passionate about direct-to-consumer brands and howtechnology is enabling us to combine storytelling, multimedia ande-commerce.

Norm: Where can ourreaders find out more about you and The Virtuous Circle?


and in my WEBSITE

Norm: As this interviewcomes to an end, what question do you wish that someone would askabout your book, but nobody has?  

Gaby: Howdo you feel about writer’s block? (I feel writing is a job… youhave to put your behind in the chair and just get started even if youdon’t feel any magical inspiration that particular day.

Norm: Thanks once againand good luck with all of your future endeavours.

 Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

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