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In Conversation With Sterline Mire Author of The Atom System: Manifestation Mastery in 30 days
Norm Goldman --  bookpleasures.com Norm Goldman -- bookpleasures.com
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Montreal, QC
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Bookpleasures.com is pleased to welcome as our guest, Sterling Mire author of The Atom System: Manifestation Mastery in30 days.

Sterlingis from Texas where she graduated from Arts Magnet, a performing artshigh school, and received professional training in Dallas, which ledher to Los Angeles.

Thereshe acted in several feature films, one of which led to her discoveryby a major music label and a more substantial career in thatindustry.

Duringthis time, she also researched through books, college-level coursesin psychology, and workshops ways of manifesting one's dreams.

In1998 she began to develop her unique Art of Manifestation - AOM ©System from personal and group testing that create 90-95% completionrates for her trail testers.

Afterusing it to launch her musical career, she returned to develop hersystem further and make it available to the general public.

In2012, after working with clients for years, she refined her AOMsystem and founded Get Your Life Now. 

Overthe years Sterling has worked with some 4300 clients and presented 87workshops around the world. Her esteemed corporate clients includeGoogle, People Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Entertainment Weekly,Hyatt and Hilton Hotels, The Lifetime Channel, TheBeverly Wilshire Hotel, among many others.

Shehas also worked with A-list Celebrities such as House of Cards,Constance Zimmer, and award-winning actress, Kimberly Elise, to namea few.

Norm: Good daySterling and welcome to Bookpleasures.com

What do you considerto be your greatest success (or successes) so far in your variouscareers?

Sterling: Creating the AOM System 22 years agohas been, undoubtedly, my most satisfying endeavor because it notonly allows me to realize my own successes in whatever I envision formyself, but it allows every one who ever applies it to their life toaccomplish anything they can imagine for themselves, often deliveringmore than they initially imagined.

Theirvictories and celebrations are something I thoroughly enjoyexperiencing with them, as if it were my own triumphs. There isnothing more satisfying than to know that now with this systemavailable in various modalities everyone has access to putting an endto personal suffering and instead live their ideal livesfully.

Norm: What has been your greatest challengeprofessionally) that you've overcome in getting to where you're attoday?

Sterling: Probably overcoming the “traps” Iidentify in the AOM system. After identifying these pitfalls, I alsodevised a way to bypass them. The traps I am referring toare:

Attachment - being attached to a certainoutcome.

Resistance - Resisting “what is so”. Not allowingthings to be as they are.

Obsession - Worrying or thinking“worst case scenarios”.

Indifference/Apathy - The “Idon't care” attitude or giving up.

Doubt - The absence offaith. Not believing in what you are creating.

Impatience -Trying to force things into being before its time.

Over-Analyzing- Trying to figure things out.

Questioning - Questioning isactually a combination of doubt and impatience.

Norm: Didyou ever do anything that you are ashamed of? How did you deal withit?

Sterling: The last time I felt ashamed was in 2001. Mymother came to visit me from Texas so that we could travel from LosAngeles to see my grandfather who was ill in Palmdale, California.

Wehad such a great visit! He hardly seemed ill at all. He was so happy,energetic and he even enthusiastically brought out his guitar playingand singing songs to us.

Icontinued to receive his letters encouraging me to come visit himagain. He would often write informing me of new transportationsystems that provided a direct route from my city to his town. At thetime, I had no idea what he was really trying to say.

Idid visit him shortly thereafter once I was notified that he was onhis deathbed. He was quite incoherent when I got there. I stroked hissoft, thick head of silver hair and told him what a fine grandfatherhe was to me, how much I appreciated and loved him, while tearsincessantly slid down my cheeks. I was inconsolable. The strangestthing happened during this moment of anguish. I suddenly felt aboutsix hands on my back, although we were alone, comforting me andsuddenly

Iwas overcome with a sense of peace and acceptance. A “knowing”replaced the deep sense of grief I was experiencing, That “knowing”informed me that nothing was wrong. That everything was perfectlynatural and ok. It was as if the truth overcame my illusionary humanthoughts.

Ire-read his letters afterwards and it was then that it became clearto me that he desperately wanted to see me before his conditionworsened.  I was ashamed after he passed because I was unable tosee in his letters that he was trying to urge me to come see himbecause he knew his time was limited. How I dealt with it was byforgiving myself and learned a valuable lesson that I have carriedwith me to this day. That lesson was to pay closer attention to theunderlying context of what people are saying. Ask questions insteadof assuming.

Norm: If you could relive a moment in yourlife, what moment what you choose?

Sterling: Any momentwith my grandmother I would love to relive simply because of theexperience of receiving unconditional love. Love is the answer. Loveis our most powerful energy. In fact, unconditional love is thehighest form of love we can create and receive and having discoveredthe capacity within myself to give unconditional love to all has beenone of the most, if not THE most, gratifying experience I've everhad. I feel whole and complete, at peace, satisfied with all aspectsof life.

Whenunconditional love is reciprocated, it makes the experience that muchmore richer.

Norm: When was the last time you had a brokenheart and how did you deal with it?

Sterling: In 2016,when my blissful and “perfect” marriage ended in divorce. You maythink, “What happened?” Because of the AOM System, I alwaysexperienced complete gratitude and fulfillment in my marriage andexpressed it consistently.

Iused to tell friends, if I had a magic wand I would have to throw itaway because there was nothing I would change about my husband or mymarriage.

Althoughwe had very little disagreements to sort out throughout our marriage,my then husband was struggling with himself and his purpose in life.

Thisinternal “battle” went on so long without him finding a solutionthat he thought the best thing would be for him to give up everythingand focus just on himself and his goals.

Hecreated the possibility that his home, the city, his office, hismaterial possessions and me, his wife, were “distracting” him,holding him back from achieving his aspirations and feeling satisfiedwith his life.

Ioffered to discuss this with him when he announced that he wanted adivorce.

Heresoundingly said no and I knew he was absolutely closed to thepossibility of reconsidering. I had to let him go.

Iknew that with time he would come to realize that these false beliefshe convinced himself of would become clear in time. He needed torealize this in his own time, in his own way. AOM really made thisheartbreaking experience incredibly easy to process.

Becauseof AOM I understood clearly that this had nothing to do with me. Ithad to do with him seeking internal fulfillment through outsidecircumstances.

Thereare two things that make breaking up an extremely painful experience.One is that we can easily make it mean something disempowering aboutourselves, such as: “I am not good enough”. Or, “something iswrong with me”, “I am not lovable” or “I am a failure”.

Theother is the loss we are afraid of. I supported and continued to lovemy husband. Because of who I was being towards him, he wanted nothingmore than to stay in close communications with me. We actually becamecloser. We were able to discuss his struggles and find ways for himto work through his issues.

Fromthe beginning of our parting, he always ended each of ourconversations with “I love you”. He continued to send me cards inthe mail full of love and gratitude. We talk almost daily and ourbonds are one of the strongest I have in my life today. I know wewill always be together even if we never re-marry or live togetheragain. Yes, I was heart-broken because I had to mourn the loss ofwhat I call the “third” entity that we created through our livingtogether and marriage.

Ourrelationship had changed and I felt sad for the change that I did notdesire. I experienced sadness because of the pitfall of attachment toan outcome. The outcome I am referring to is the expectation thatmarriage is supposed to last forever. The alternative is to live eachday with gratitude knowing that one is not promised a tomorrow. If welive each day as such we will not only be living a rich andsatisfying life, we will be left with no regrets and only completefulfillment instead.

Norm: If you could switch places withsomeone famous, who would it be?

Sterling: Actually, manycome to mind and it's actually a question I ask at dinner parties,LOL! People and the lives they create for themselves fascinate me.

It'sa singular adventure and I would love to be able to split myself upand create various lives and experiences. The next best thing though,is reading autobiographies. This I do often.

Itnot only allows me to vicariously experience their lives, but it hasbeen very informative to find the running thread that is apparent inall extraordinary lives, even though each life is absolutely uniqueunto itself.

Toanswer your question, I'd say at least one would be Dolly Partonbecause she has proven that having a clear vision connected to one'sheart and soul is the essential key ingredient for creating anextraordinary life solely from within.

Shealso takes responsibility for who she is being in her life and howshe “shows up” for people. Her openness, honesty, genuineness,sense of humor and her ability to accept and fully be who she is,loving who she and the love she has for others is exceptional. It'sevident that she sincerely cares for what she does and others. She isliving an extraordinary life and has accomplished and given so muchto the world!

Thereare very few “role models” like her in the world today. However,I believe that is going to change!

Norm; What motivated youto write The AOM System and please tell us alittle about your book?

Sterling: Since I was a child, Ihave always had the distinct desire to live life to the fullest; tohave extraordinary experiences and to fulfill on all aspirations thatI envisioned for myself.

Istarted studying the works of those who seem to know the secrets forgaining the understanding of how life works and how I could achieveultimate success.

Ibegan with reading the book Psycho-Cybernetics, by Dr. MaxwellMaltz when I was thirteen years old.

Iwas elated to discover that someone knew just what it was that I wassearching for, however, after reading the book, I was reduced totears. I was frustrated and confused because I couldn't produceresults akin to the inspiring examples and stories shared within thebook.

Yet,I continued my search, studying the works of Alan Watts, NapoleonHill, James Allen, Charles Haanel……the list is quite long. I alsostudied various religions and the teachings it offered.

Allof which provided great “food for thought” but I wasn'tmanifesting as intentionally as I would have liked. It seemed Ialways ended up disillusioned, discouraged, and disappointed and I'dgive up. I concluded that there was a lot of extraneous informationthat only served to complicate what is actually quite simple, andmany essential elements were under-emphasized or unmentioned.

Therewas also the issue of understandable, workable steps or a plan tofollow missing. I found when there were directions provided,confusion would follow due to unanswered questions that would again,lead me to become frustrated and give up. However, I knew theinformation I had read was true, if only it was accessible.

Aftermaterializing Gary Oldman in my Laurel Canyon home straight fromnothing, but myself, I began scrutinizing how I accomplished thisincredible feat. I mean, here is this much sought after actorstanding in my home saying, “I don't know why I am here because Idon't do things like this. I was compelled to be here. My manager andI argued about me deciding to go, but I insisted that I must comevisit you.”  I knew that if I could determine all the elementsthat had to come together to produce this result, I'd have the“recipe” I had been seeking for so long. That was the beginningof creating (and testing) the AOM System.

Norm: What is themost important thing that people don't know about the subject of yourbook that they need to know?

Sterling: One cannot manifestone's desires successfully unless one has replaced past pain, sorrowand traumas with total freedom, love, peace and acceptance of thepast. This is powerfully accomplished in Part 1. Also, effectivelycreating your future is a skill that must be honed and Part 2provides the shortcuts for understanding how one can create onesfuture to ensure getting exactly what one wants.

Forexample, one could create the perfect mate and describe this personquite thoroughly, however, if one doesn't create who they are for theperson who is being manifested, one could manifest that ideal persononly to discover the feelings aren't mutual. Alas, unrequitedlove.

Norm: What do you hope will be the everlastingthoughts for readers who finish your book?

Sterling: Thatthey now know they always have the choice, the understanding and thetools to create their version of an ideal life, in all areas of theirlives for the rest of their lives.

Norm:  What was themost difficult part of writing this book?

Sterling:Actually, there was nothing difficult about writing the book. What Icall the cliff notes version of the book was created for my clientsover 8 years ago in addition to knowing the information through andthrough for 22 years.

Norm: Are there vocabulary words orconcepts in your book that may be new to readers? Define some ofthose.

Sterling: No, I do not believe there are words orconcepts that need clarification. The feedback I've been receivingfrom readers is that the books information and unique system is veryclear, understandable and relatable.  People have been writingme to share stories about how their lives have changed by using AOM.Some have even informed me that dramatic, positive changes havehappened in their lives just by reading the book!

Norm: Howwould you respond to potential readers who might be skeptical aboutthe subject matter of the book?

Sterling: Oh! I LOVEskeptics! Many of my clients came to me as skeptics. I am a BIGskeptic. I call myself a “healthy skeptic”. 

Idefine it as questioning something, however, being open-minded andflexible to discover something new.

Therefore,you could say this system was created by a skeptic for skeptics! Thisis exactly why I tested the system in my life for five years and Istill wasn't fully convinced. I then gathered a test group comprisedof 15 people for 12 months before I was satisfied - the results wereastonishing! At the end of the twelve months, not only did the testgroup fulfill on 90% - 95% of all their biggest aspirations, theyachieved most of it in half the time they thought they would. Theminimal 5% - 10% unfulfilled was “happening” just not completed.Everyone rated the system a 10 on a scale of 1-10. That is when Ifelt confident enough to share it with others AND continue doing itmyself and I've never looked back.

Norm: Did you learnanything from writing your book and what was it?

Sterling:Writing the book has given me an opportunity to do something that Ihave never done before (writing a book) with ease, confidence,clarity, synchronicity and flow. I utilized the AOM tools to not onlycreate the book, which is the result I intended, but it also gave methe tools to create the experience of writing the book, which isactually just as important as what we produce and quite possibly themost important aspect. It also gave me an opportunity to fully befaithful, full of faith, in the face of the “unknown”.  Iput quotes around the word “unknown” because really if it iscreated it IS known.

Norm:  Why did you create the AOMSystem?

Sterling: I created the AOM system because after20 years of studying most everything there was to discover on thesubject of manifesting an extraordinary life, I found myself stoppedby unanswered questions. The information available was greatinformation, but it didn't provide clear, concise and understandablesteps for successfully manifesting anything I wanted to create. Ifelt the information or modalities for accessing manifestationmastery was missing too many variables. I was determined to create afool-proof, whole and complete, simple structure to access easymanifesting that encompassed a thorough understanding of how lifereally works and who we are in relation to the creative process thatsurrounds our life.

Norm: What adaptations do we need tomake at this moment in that we are living through a pandemic that hasaffected every aspect of our lives?

Sterling: It'simperative, regardless of the circumstances we face in our lives,that we understand to transform any situation one must accept what isso. Accepting is not agreeing to what is. There is a big differencebetween the two. Accepting something is practicing non-resistance andwhen we resist something, it will persist, versus shift into a placeof non-resistance which supports what we all truly want in life:freedom, love, fulfillment, satisfaction, prosperity and to fulfill apurpose that truly makes a difference in the world.

Norm: Any unique ways you'll be marketing your book that is different fromhow others authors market their books?

Sterling: Well,let's see. For one, I don't think everyone is benefiting from thetalents of my publicist, Harlan Boll! He has been so instrumental inproviding a bridge to connect with the public. As we move furtherinto 2021 there are many new, unique opportunities that are poppingup at the moment, however, I won't say anymore until they aresolid. 

Norm: Where can our readers find out moreabout you and The AOM System?

Sterling: My WEBSITE and the physical book as well as theKindle version is available world-wide through Amazon and Barnes andNoble.

Norm: Are you working on any books/projects that youwould like to share with us? (We would love to hear all aboutthem!)

Sterling: My next book will be on the subject ofthe art of communication. In this book I will demonstrate how peoplecan transform ones life and the lives of others throughlanguage.

Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all ofyour future endeavors.

Sterling: And, thank YOU, Norm! Itis an honor and privilege to participate in this interview.

 Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

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