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In Conversation With Scott Lorenz Author of Book Title Generator: A Proven System in Naming Your Book
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Dateline: Montreal , QC
Monday, September 21, 2020


Bookpleasures.com welcomesas our guest, Scott Lorenz. Scott is President of WestwindCommunications, a public relations and marketing firm that has aspecial knack for working with individuals and entrepreneurs to helpthem get all the publicity they deserve and more. 

He has handled publicrelations and marketing for numerous authors, doctors, lawyers,inventors and entrepreneurs. As a book marketing expert Scott iscalled upon by top execs and bestselling authors to promote theirbooks. He grew up in a family hotel and restaurant business and has adegree in Hotel Administration from UNLV. 

Recently, Scott haspublished Book Title Generator: A Proven System in Naming YourBook.

Good day Scott andthanks for participating in our interview.

Norm: How did youbecome interested in book publicity and what keeps you going?

Scott: When I was incollege at UNLV I was director of Student Activities. We brought intop authors, experts and entertainers of the day for lectures oncampus. Being exposed to this illustrious group of people had a verypositive impact on me.

As part of their speakingcontract we asked that they have dinner with us. So after the lectureall 12 of our committee dined with them at the Aladdin Hotel.

They comped the meals asit was good PR for them. Here’s a short list: Vincent Bugliosi,shortly after the Manson trials) David Frost, (after his one on oneinterview with NIXON) Leonard Nimoy, (before they toyed with an ideafor their first movie after the series ended) Charles Kuralt (fromCBS’s ON THE ROAD) F. Lee Baily (after the Patty Hearst trial) Carl Bernstein (All the President’s Men author and his wife…Nora Ephron…) They declined the dinner; they had other plans atCAESARS PALACE.  

Norm: There are manybook publicists marketing themselves. How do you distinguish yourselffrom others?

Scott: My background ispromotion, PR, sales and Marketing. I’ve promoted all types ofmedical services, procedures, events, activities, iPhone apps, evenlawsuits. Many people in PR are journalists. Book Marketing and BookPublicity is a SALES job. You have to SELL people about the client’sbook. I am a SALES guy in the end.

Norm: Has our presentsituation with Covid-19 changed the way you work and the way you arehelping your clients? 

Scott: COVID-19 has causedmany people to start or finish writing their books. Then with thelock down many people have plenty of extra time to read a book. Major TV shows are talking to guests on ZOOM and SKYPE so it actuallyoffers up more opportunities for PR. 

Also, book stores wereshut for a while so sales were directed to AMAZON and BN on line. Wewere already there with a solid digital marketing plan for ourauthors. We never skipped a beat.

Then with members ofthe media working from home, sending a physical book or letter was alosing proposition as they piled up in the corporate offices. That’swhy we did so well as we have relationships and were able to conductsolid email campaigns and digital campaigns. This has kept usforemost in the minds of many members of the press. It’s paid offin terms of bookings and media hits.

Norm: You’ve beendoing book publicity for quite a few years now. What would you sayare some of the biggest differences in publicity today from when youstarted? 

Scott: When we firststarted mailing a press release was the way to do it. Then whenpeople actually answered the phone that was pretty effective.

One time I actually calledAndy Rooney of 60 Minutes and had a lovely chat with him. Now nobodyanswers their phone it seems! (People are shocked when I answer)

Then there was a time whenthe FAX MACHINE was the rage… oh my. Then that faded out.

Then came email… what arevelation that was. It worked great until everyone had all the topmedia addresses and they were on line for free. Now things havereally gotten interesting. COVID has killed direct mail. Nobodyreally wants to touch anything. 

So now reaching out to themedia via FACEBOOK, LinkedIn and Twitter are very effective for me. I’ve booked dozens of interviews on these platforms alone. I’vegot 40,000+ followers on Twitter and I have found that very usefulindeed. 

This underscores theimportance of having a platform so media can find YOU. This pastmonth I was contacted by NY1 TV asking my opinion as a book marketingexpert about what I thought the chances were of Governor Cuomo’sbook becoming a bestseller.

Then I was contacted byNewsweek asking my opinion about all of the TRUMP books in themarketplace and was that normal or not.

Norm: What would yousay are some of the greatest challenges to a successful publicitycampaign for a book launch? 

Scott: The title has to becatchy and relevant which is why I wrote Book Title Generator.If the author mistitles a book it takes more time and effort toovercome a bad title. That’s why I say the title is the mostimportant step in having a successful book.

Then, most obviously youhave to have a book that the marketplace wants. The timing has to beright. For example if someone wrote a book about the shortcomings ofGeorge Bush (in 2020) nobody would care and nobody would buy it.Being able to tie into current events makes you relevant to manyshows and news outlets.

Norm: What, in yourexperience, are some of the biggest misnomers about book publicity? 

Scott: That you can justflip a switch and it flows. Some of the funniest conversations I havewith authors include: “Just book me on the big shows like GoodMorning America and FOX NEWS, I don’t want the small shows.” 

Here’s the deal,everyone wants to play in the World Series against the Yankees. Andeverybody knows you have to earn that right. You have to play inlittle league first, then college baseball, then, the minor leagues,then when you are really deserving of it… you get a shot at theWORLD SERIES. 

Norm: Have you everturned down an author because you believed his book would be oflittle interest to the public or that it was poorly written?

Scott: Yes. Every so oftenthere are books that in my opinion the media won’t be interested inlike textbooks). If a book is poorly written we won’t representit. Now I have worked with authors on occasion and connected themwith writers and editors to fix a book that had potential but had toomany issues. 

Norm: Please tell usabout your recent book, Book Title Generator: A Proven System inNaming Your Book.

Scott: As a lover of booksand collector of good book titles I wanted to bring my three decadesof book marketing experience to help authors title their books.

I’ve studied what makesone title work over another, looked at various techniques top authorsuse to title their books and compiled this in an easy to read book.Book Title Generator is designed for authors and publishers asa surefire method to uncover that coveted, memorable and winning booktitle using a proven system to title a book.

Norm: What were yourgoals and intentions in this book, and how well do you feel youachieved them?  

Scott:  With dozensand dozens of Five Star Reviews Book Title Generator: A ProvenSystem in Naming Your Book is off to a good start. We garneredthe 2020 International Book Award in the BusinessCommunications/Public Relations category. It was a Top New Release onAmazon and it’s been nominated for several awards including bestaudio book for authors.

Norm: Why is the titleof the book important?

Scott: Nobody buys a bookunless they’re first attracted by the title and cover. If the titledoesn’t grab them it’s game over.

Using the latest methodsof getting a book ranked on search engines and in Amazon, I lay out aplan to help authors get the right title for their book. I askauthors to consider all options in the quest for the perfect booktitle. From using numbers, alliteration, idioms, and keywordresearch, Book Title Generator covers them all.

Norm: What makes yourbook stand out from the crowd?  

Scott: The title ofcourse! (And the subtitle… I discuss this in my book!) The coverdesign is critical too. I had 80+ designs created before we settledon this one. 

Norm: What projects areyou working on at the present?  

Scott: My focus is alwaysthe promotion of my clients. I have some terrific author clients andthey are the recipient of my attention. (My wife and I have twograndkids who we love dearly. They are so much fun and keep thingsvery interesting whenever we see them.)

Norm: How can ourreaders find out more about Book Title Generator: A Proven Systemin Naming Your Book and yourself?

Scott: Find out more aboutme at: BOOK MARKETING EXPERT

Buy the book at   AMAZON

Get Tips for Authors at: BOOK PUBLICIST

Norm: As this interviewcomes to an end, what question do you wish that someone would askabout your book, but nobody has? 

Scott: I believe I haveheard just about all of them!

Norm: Thanks once againand good luck with all of your future endeavours. 

Reviewed By Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

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