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In Conversation With Dr. Jia Gottlieb Author of aah...The Pleasure Book
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For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Montreal, QC
Thursday, June 10, 2021


Author: Jia Gottlieb MD

Publisher: Sanitas Press

Bookpleasures.comwelcomes as our guest Dr. Jia Gottlieb author of aah...ThePleasure Book.

Jiais the son of an Austrian father and a Chinese mother. Aftercompleting a BA in physics from the University of Colorado, an MDfrom Northwestern University, and a Family Medicine residency at thetop-ranked Community Hospital of Sonoma County, he journeyed to Japanand China for intensive training in martial arts and acupuncture.

Returningto Boulder, Colorado in 1984, Dr. Jia established the Still MountainClinic, which he directed for over twenty-five years. He holds blackbelts in aikido and karate, plays the bamboo flute, is a lifelongstudent of yoga and Zen meditation, and is learning to tango. He isthe proud father of three daughters.

 Good day Jia andthanks for taking part in our interview.

Norm: Whatdo you feel is the most overrated virtue and why?

Jia:I would say the most overrated virtue is discipline. Contrary topopular belief, discipline doesn’t make us stronger; it makes usweaker. Discipline is based on inner conflict, that the “good”self has to bully the “lazy” self to do the right thing. But as Idiscuss in my book, in a war with one’s self, there can be nowinners.

Norm:What is the one thing other people always seem to get wrong aboutyou?

Jia:That’s easy: my name! People often mis-hear it as “John” ormispronounce it as “Gee-ah.” It’s written J-i-a but pronounced“jah” as in “java.” Or it might be easier to remember Jiarhymes with the title of my book aah . . .

Norm: Howmany times in your career have you experienced rejection? How didthey shape you?

Jia:As a holistic medical doctor specializing in unresolved medicalproblems, I worked with a lot of challenging patients. I alwaysaddressed the truth, as I saw it, and worked in their best interestwhether they liked it or not. Many patients were thrilled to finallyget an honest answer, but others were offended. So, I had to learn tonot take their reactions personally. 

Norm:If you could go back ten years and give yourself one piece of advicewhat would that advice be?

Jia:Understand that the foundation of any healthy relationship iskindness and respect—without exception. 

Norm: Whathas been your greatest challenge (professionally) that you’veovercome in getting to where you’re at today? 

Jia:My greatest professional challenge has been to accept that although Imight see a person’s potential as clear as day, they may neverrealize their potential because of unconscious habits of thought andaction.

Norm: Whendid the idea for  aah...The Pleasure Book firstemerge?

Jia:In 2001, I dropped all my third-party, health insurance contracts andwent to a cash practice. It was around then I decided it was time towrite a book.

Ratherthan write about disease like most doctors, I wanted to write abouthealth and well being. During my research, I realized that pleasureand joy are not only the result of a healthy life; they are the causeof it!

Norm: Whatis the most important thing that people don't know about the subjectof the book that they need to know?  

Jia:Pleasure is about a lot more than just great sex. We arepleasure-seeking organisms and what pleases us will likely determinethe people we meet, the quality of our life, our health, and even howlong we live. Understanding pleasure is the key to a good life (whichhappens to include great sex).

Norm: Whatpurpose do you believe your book serves and what matters to you aboutthe book?  

Jia:I believe how we think about pleasure can change the world. Just asthe pleasures we seek determines our personal health, the pleasureswe pursue collectively determines the health of our planet.

Putanother way, it is our out-of-control human appetite that isdestroying us.

Ourexcessive appetite for food is making us obese, our excessiveappetite for fossil fuels is heating our planet, and our excessiveappetite for political domination is leading us towards war and therisk of nuclear annihilation. 

Ibelieve the only effective way to control our human appetite is tosatisfy it, and the only thing capable of satisfying it ishigh-quality pleasure—what I call renewable pleasure. In a word,pleasure is planetary.

Norm: Whatdid you enjoy most about writing this book?  

Jia:I discovered the deep meaning of pleasure, which has made me ahappier, healthier, and better human being. 

Norm: Whatwas the most difficult part of writing your book?  

Jia:There were so many things I had to figure out about pleasure. Forinstance, why are there so many different kinds of pleasures and whydo we choose one over another?

Whatmakes something pleasurable rather than painful? Are ecstasy andbliss the same thing or different and where does peace of mind fitin?

Whyare some pleasures good for us and others harmful? How does all thiswork at an historical, ethical, neurobiological, spiritual, andpractical level?   

Norm: Arethere vocabulary words or concepts in your book that may be new toreaders? 

Jia:Words are powerful because they are the units of thought by which wethink. For this reason, I had to use words from ancient Greek, Latin,Sanskrit, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as scientific terms frombiology and physics to communicate precisely. The book has a glossaryto assist the reader. 

Norm: Forthose interested in exploring more of the subject or theme of yourbook, where should they start?  

Jia:I recommend becoming curious about pleasure and observing theimportant role it plays in your life. Investigate and question whatpleases you.

Norm: Whatprojects are you working on at the present?  

Jia:I am writing aah . . . The Pleasure Workbook, which is a morehands-on guide to the art and practice of living an authentic,pleasurable life. It includes sections on Stem breathing, the äsiscountdown to a good night’s sleep, a simple detox fast, and how toeasily establish a daily practice.

Norm:Where can our readers find out more about you and  aah .. . The Pleasure Book?

 Jia:My WEBSITE, has a wealth of information including a booktrailer introducing the Seven Immutable Laws of Pleasure, book andaudio excerpts, a quick Pleasure Quotient quiz, Q&A videorecordings, articles, a link to sign up for my monthly PleasureReport, and more.

Norm:As this interview comes to an end, if you could invite three authorsalive or dead) to your dinner table, who would they be and why?

Jia:I would invite the Greek philosopher, Epicurus, who is the “patronsaint” of this book. In many respects, I pick up the story where heleft off. Second, I would invite the Indian sage Patanjali, author ofThe Yoga Sutras to get his yogic insights. Third, I would invite Dr.Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, for his wide-angleview of our human condition.

Norm:Thanks once again and good luck with all of your endeavors

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