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ImmutableSoft Introduces the Automatic License Manager (AutoLM)
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Dateline: New York City , NY
Friday, July 31, 2020

ImmutableSoft Inc. welcomes the future of digital activation assets with their latest product AutoLM.

Software creators should be in control of sales details and be supremely compensated for their creations. End users of software should be in control of their purchased product activations and appreciate their payment goes directly to the creator of the products they purchase. ImmutableSoft Inc. furthers their goal of a future where software sales and distribution are open and decentralized with the introduction of the Automated License Manager, or AutoLM. Coupled with a decentralized and publicly audit-able resale Immutable Ecosystem, digital product activations are transformed into digital assets of more inherent value, while increasing overall afford-ability and desirability.

Together with a software creator presence on the Immutable Ecosystem, AutoLM empowers a software creators' application with sales distribution and automation, exchanging a valuable digital activation asset for crypto-currency directly with an end user. Leveraging the monetizable, decentralized and immutable Ethereum database, AutoLM and Immutable are able to automate sales and/or activation processes with a creator controlled license management configuration.

AutoLM is an open source and commercial friendly (MIT license) example of a secure license activation library that is compatible with Immutable. The goals of AutoLM are to be easy to use while following security best practices.

Specifically, AutoLM is a a C++ library that is integrated together with the software or digital creation to be licensed/sold. For server side or other programming language support, there is optionally a set of command line tools available for use.

When integrated together with the digital product that is to be licensed, AutoLM will query the immutable Ethereum database and verify that a product license activation is in fact valid (ie. has been purchased). The security of AutoLM works by utilizing a globally unique, read only PC/OS identifier and cryptographically tying it together with the unique entity and product information, including a secret password from the software creator. This one way cryptographic algorithm yields a unique activation identifier that is then used to identify if the installed software is 'valid' (ie. has been purchased) as a current digital activation asset, stored on the immutable Ethereum database.

The decentralized future of automated software licensing is now available with Immutable and AutoLM.

Full documentation of AutoLM can be found at https://immutablesoft.github.io/AutoLM/
The Immutable Ecosystem Dapp can be browsed at https://ecosystem.immutablesoft.org (https://immutablesoft.github.io/AutoLM/)
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