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If You Love Iran’s Arab Terrorists, You Must be a Democrat; Impeachment Motives Partially Tied to Democratic Pro-Iranian Stance
George H. Hassanzadeh -- Expert in Islamic Matters George H. Hassanzadeh -- Expert in Islamic Matters
Los Angeles , CA
Sunday, October 13, 2019

If You Love Iran’s Arab Terrorists, You Must be a Democrat; Impeachment Motives Partially Tied to Democratic Pro-Iranian Stance

The Democrat Party's three-year campaign to nullify the 2016 election "by any means necessary" has taken on a new twist with the Ukrainian investigation, which seems to be a side-road of the Russian Collusion go-nowhere investigation. While Trump opponents will criticize anything he does, good or bad, a key component of the overall campaign against Trump lies in his reversal of Obama's "Iranian Deal," tightening economic sanctions and trying to strangle the Arab Mullahs' grip of Iran with stronger ties with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel.

George Hassan, author of about to the be released, First Comes the Mosque, notes that the Democrat's sudden push to impeach President Donald Trump at any cost, is also part of a desperate move on their part to stop and prevent Trump from succeeding in crushing the world's recognized number one terrorist nation, Iran. This also coincides with US State Department's ingrained desire for sympathy for Iran, indeed almost a need to appease the Mullahs despite their obvious hatred for the United States and the West. Europe's historical brand of anti-Semitism, laced with a strong economic incentive to do business with Iran, also bleeds into bureaucratic tendencies of the US foreign policy establishment.  

The US-Israeli Alliance is delivering devastating blows to Iran's terrorist regime by the way of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, without firing a single shot or sacrificing the life of a soldier. But by their actions, the Democratic Party seems dead set against any move by the Republicans to secure an enduring peace for the world. It is painfully obvious the Democrats are derailing almost any effort by President Trump to succeed in fighting Iran's terrorist regime. (President Trump designated Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC], Quds Forces, Basij Forces, all branches of armed forces as "terrorist organization.") BUT WHY?

Part of the answer is chronicled in George Hassan's new book as follows:

One answer comes from the opposition of the Iranian people to the mullah's regime. Opposition forces believe that, if Trump succeeds in bringing down the regime, then the underhanded dealings of two US Democratic Presidents, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, would be exposed as "truly reprehensible." Democratic President Barack Obama, at a point when the Iranian regime was on the edge of economic collapse, saved the mullahs by giving them billions of dollars in cash, literally pallets of cash flown in by military transport, and lifted the punishing sanctions as part of the Nuclear Iran deal. This allowed the Arab Mullahs' regime to not only survive but to continue financing regional wars and terrorist activities worldwide.

The history of Iran and US Democrats goes as far back as Christmas 1977, when President Carter unexpectedly visited the Shah of Iran. At a reception in Niavaran Palace in Tehran Carter raised his toast and declared,

            No other country is closer to America in the matter of our military security and there is no other leader to whom I feel deeper gratitude or greater personal affection than I do to your Imperial Majesty. Iran owes its existence as an island of peace and stability in one of the world's most troubled regions, to Your Majesty's abilities as head of state and to the respect and admiration accorded to you by your people.

In his address, President Carter also said,

            That the United States admired the efforts being made by Iran and her sovereign, to strengthen democracy and make human rights respected."

However, not long after that perplexing visit, Carter, perhaps under pressure from the Great Britain and oil companies, in a classic about face declared, "The Shah is not fit to rule Iran." Carter then went on to undermine, with help from the State Department and CIA, to topple the legitimate government of the Shah and the rest, well, is 40-years of subjugation, genocide, and misery for the Iranian people and the struggle of dealing with this horrible regime.

Ronald Reagan, the Republican president who inherited the result of Carter's flawed policy, declared,

"… I did criticize the President [Carter] because of our undercutting of what was a stalwart, the Shah of Iran. And I am not at all convinced that he was that far out of line with his people or that they wanted that to happen. The Shah had done our bidding and carried our load in the Middle East for quite some time. And I did think that it was a blot on our record that we let him down. Have things gotten better? The Shah, whatever he might have done, was building low cost housing, had taken land from the Mullahs and was distributing it to the peasants so they could be landowners—things of that kind. But we turned it over to a maniacal fanatic who has slaughtered thousands and thousands of people, calling in executions…"

"When the Shah found himself in trouble, we quite literally stabbed him in the back—we betrayed the Shah...It was the worst policy decision ever." – Alexander Haig, Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan.

Again, in 2015, another Democratic administration caved into fear and trickery rewarded the same Arab Shiite clerics and terrorists with billions of dollars and other help to continue their revolutionary push on America and terrorize the world. Again, a Republican president, Donald Trump, inherited the task of cleaning up the mess. 

Headline: Pompeo press repudiates Obama's Middle East policy, aims at Iran.

Cairo US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a scathing rebuke of the Mideast policies of President Barack Obama's administration Thursday, accusing the former president of "misguided" and "wishful" thinking that diminished America's rule in the region, harmed its longtime friends and emboldened its main foe: Iran.

In a speech to the American University in Cairo, Pompeo unloaded on President Donald Trump's predecessor, saying he was naïve and timid when confronted with challenges posed by revolts that convulsed the Middle East, including Egypt, beginning in 2011. Pompeo laid the blame notably on a vision outlined by Obama in a speech he gave in Cairo in 2009 in which he spoke of "a new beginning" for US relations with countries in the Arab and Muslim world.

"Remember: It was here, here in this very city, another American stood before you," Pompeo told an invited audience of Egyptian officials, foreign diplomats and students. "He told you that radical Islamist terrorism does not stem from ideology. He told you 911 led my country to abandon its ideals, particularly in the Middle East. He told you that the United States and the Muslim world needed 'a new beginning.' The results of these misjudgments have been dire.

"In falsely seeing ourselves as a force for what ails the Middle East, we were timid about asserting ourselves when the times and our partners demanded it."

For years the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who controls the nation's armed forces, has frequently said, "United States is a weak and corrupt nation and no longer controls its own people, she should shut her darn mouth about our people."

As part of Trump reversal of policy, he official branded Iranian military groups as terrorist organizations. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this "historic step will deprive the world's leading state sponsor of terror the financial means to spread misery and death around the world. The IRGC masquerades as a legitimate military organization," Pompeo told reporters, "but none of us should be fooled."

About George Hassan:

George Hassan was raised as a Shia Muslim and is in the process of releasing a series of books which provides dependable details of the operation of the Arab Shiite system of mind controlling. The setting begins with the Persian Empire of "Iran" as a base of operations for achieving the ultimate goal of Arab hegemony (supremacy) through a line of attack of Assault Upon the World, particularly The War against the West, and the antagonizes are the tyrant Arab religious leaders. He aims to help the people of the free world to understand the threat posed by the Arabs, the Arab Islam, and its future ambitious for the world.   

These publications provide the opportunity to disprove some of the imaginary fiction presented mainly by Iran's Arab Shiite clergy who set themselves up as the supreme leaders of the Islamic world, aiming to make the past come alive with an eye firmly set on present-day concern. The book's rigorous tone and its pragmatic style likely to strike a chord with many Shiite ayatollahs that have benefited from a countless inconsistent and nonsensical accounts they present as facts. The need for fast and accurate information in today's turbulent world is vital.

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