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I need your help to help me help others now!
Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group
Kansas City, MO
Friday, August 27, 2021

Since 1982 in USA, I have helped over 10,000 people and now that we are all limited to the web for help and education, I need your help!
If I have counseled, taught or healed you, I would like to receive a short 2-5 min video from you, saying briefly how I helped you with your issue at that time with counseling/education and healing. You do not need to give your full name or details. Just speak from your heart and say what you needed then and how it helped, and now, as the years have passed, how you have gone on to become successful.

The reason why I need these videos is to put them up on www.sumariseducationcenter.com and www.universalchristchurch.com as well as www.easypeasysolutions.org  We are setting up free talks, and also intro free classes for courses. Courses will be very inexpensive prices to train people to become a therapist, counselor, healer and the list goes on. 
We are also looking for more teachers too. The idea is to build a university of metaphysical studies online  I am a Professor and can train, certify and give diplomas for those who are serious enough to stick with my 5 level courses in crystal acupuncture and the derivatives, as well as Teragram and TrinityStone Healing Therapies and still more. Will also teach all psychic tools, and if you go through all five levels, you will become a Medium. I will also teach more in psychological and psychiatric training with hypnosis in 2022. Like all education, We start at the beginning and help you grow to become a fully qualified Metaphysician, just like my students in Japan; 20,000 people. America is behind the times in these courses and very few teach in-depth courses or have the ability to get you to become a Ph.D. 
if you are truly serious about becoming a teacher for generations now being born.  Contact me at www.easypeasysolutions.org  Leave all your insights, info and anything else, such as needing a session yourself. on the signup page.  I will get back to you within a day or two. You will get a free workbook and meditation, even if you do not follow through with the video. However, I sincerely hope those of you who have seen the joy of change after having sessions with me will find those precious moments to make me a video on your phone and send it to me 928 486 1893 or through messenger so that I can send it over to Dr. Katie Kamara who is my partner in this venture. I am sure you will realize just how important it is that we adults know how to teach the young ones all about their psyche.
Join me too on Sunday 22nd 2 pm. PCT & 5 EST, for free Psychic lesson on how to know Spirit Guides versus Dark Souls and more to protect self in daily life. Once again go to www.easypeasysolutions.org and sign up for this class so Dr Katie know to send you a workbook and a free meditation.


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Writes direct-response public relations and marketing communications that helps small business owners increase leads and sales.  Writes Intuitive Cause Marketing PR Venture campaigns in the arts/sciences of self-fulfilling, self-sustaining, self-efficiency and "Going green" markets. Also writes the sales copy that helps business owners start, buy or geometrically grow businesses in the nutritional supplements, personal development, talent scout curation, e-preneur and publisher niches. And, also builds marketing funnels that acquire new customers, get them to buy more, and get them to buy faster.  Lastly, monitors business owners markets,  looks for ways to promote businesses, keep people talking about the businesses, upgrades what business owners are trying to do, and not miss out on what's possible with their businesses.

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