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I Think I Need A 'Safe Space' Too
Barbara Morris - Pharmacist - Writer - Aging Issues Barbara Morris - Pharmacist - Writer - Aging Issues
Escondido, CA
Sunday, November 15, 2015

Barbara Morris, R.Ph.

By Barbara Morris


Kids on college campuses around the country are protesting, claiming they are suffering grievously as a result of hearing ideas with which they disagree. To remedy that injustice the victims are calling for and retreating to "safe spaces" where their delicate psyches cannot be assaulted by free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.  Starbucks, home of overpriced, pretentious,  and yucky tasting  coffee is offering similar "safe spaces" for victims to find safety and solace.

Are any of those disgruntled  "thought deniers" on a scholarship, or are parents paying their tuition?

For the record, I would not pay for my child to attend college unless he or she was training for a specific career such as law or medicine. Considering the costs of "higher education", and what is often learned under the guise of "higher education", perhaps, as my son-in-law, Mr. Bob, cogently suggested,  we just need to give all kids a college diploma, straight out of high school, and send them out into the world to get an education in reality.

The irrational call for "safe spaces" got me thinking that I need a "safe space" too.  Mr. Bob, who is dearly loved, and who lives with us, is prone to reminding me that I leave the garage door open and/or the refrigerator door ajar and I have decided that being told what I don't want to hear is "hate speech". I feel I need a "safe space" to retreat to so that I don't have to listen to being reminded of my faults and failures. Perhaps I was a bit harsh about Starbucks -- it may turn out to be a "safe space" for me when Mr. Bob says, "Miss Barbara, you left the garage door open again."  It's so hurtful, you know.

All of his "hate speech" is so unnecessary.

My thinking is this: If I leave the damn garage door open, or the refrigerator door ajar, don't make a big deal about it. Just close it. Am I right to be indignant about that? Of course I am, particularly because Mr. Bob leaves the garage door open waaaaay more often than I do. Do I nag him about it? No. When he leaves the door open I just close it. No drama, no accusations.

I know it's not good that I forget to close the garage door because it invites all manner of wild life to take up residence, including coyotes, but hey, I"m all about sharing. If the coyotes enjoy the bag of festering onions Mr. Bob left in the garage, they are welcome to it. it's not the end of the world. (Did I mention that Mr. Bob is dearly loved?)

Come to think of it, I really don't need a "safe space" after all. I'll simply tolerate Mr. Bob's First Amendment right to tell me when I  leave the garage door open. That's what mature people do. They tolerate others who think and believe differently.

I feel sorry for clueless parents who provide their progeny with a useless "education". They are paying a terrible price for the dubious honor of shelling out hard earned money they scrimped and saved in order to boast,  "Our kids have a college education." It's even more unfortunate when kids burden themselves with loans many will never be able to repay.

Marco Rubio (not an endorsement!) said it best (I'm paraphrasing and embellishing) -- we need more welders than college "educated" would-be philosophers who major in "Psycho Social and Social Justice Elements of Environmentalism In Third World Countries" and who need a "safe space" to protect themselves  from the rhetoric and realities of the real world.

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