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How to Reveal Adversity and Eliminate it
Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd
Detroit, MI
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How to Reveal Adversity and Eliminate it
DETROIT, MI.  May 12, 2021—Elephant Books Press releases the timely new book, Ride the Elephant: The Journey to True Success, by Dr. Ray McKinley. In a world where challenges and adversity hide behind every corner, people routinely fall into a herd mentality of blaming and victimhood. It's essential that we learn to think critically and individually to overturn life's challenges, no matter how great.
Dr. McKinley has been teaching critical thinking for 25 years, and has created a must-read book that encourages readers to examine core beliefs and answer the big questions that appear throughout Ride the Elephant.
McKinley states, "Your beliefs, values and principles are at the source of everything you say, feel and do. They are at the core of your internal dialogue. So beware of debilitating beliefs that may be lurking in your mind. When you discover those core values and take personal responsibility for your life, the blaming and victimhood will begin to disappear."
This is not just another how-to book, McKinley asks life's biggest questions. He provides practical exercises with personal narratives and experiences to guide any reader on a journey of self-discovery and self-creation. Begin your journey, and get ready to Ride the Elephant.
For More information about Dr. McKinley and Ride the Elephant – The Journey to True Success visit www.RayMcKinley.com
Press inquiries: Based in Michigan, Dr. McKinley is available for in-person and online interviews for all media formats. Contact him at Ray@RayMcKinley.com or docraymckinley@gmail.com or (586) 372-8265.
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