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How to Realign with Source and Soul
Nina Amir - Human Potential Speaker Nina Amir - Human Potential Speaker
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Monday, July 08, 2019


you are not disconnected from Source or soul, just misaligned. Realign to feel connected.Once upon a time, you felt totally connected to the Creator and to your core essence—your soul. You likely were not conscious of this alignment, but you experienced it most of the time. You lived it.

Then one day, you stopped feeling connected. You probably didn’t notice this change—or what caused it—either, but you became misaligned. The effects of this change weren’t evident at first, but over time, they affected every aspect of your life, including career, relationships, money, and confidence, and how you felt about yourself.

In the last nine months or more, I’ve become keenly aware of my own misalignment. I saw it in the direction I’ve taken my business and career, the amount of time I spend on my hobbies, the focus I give my passions, the effort I put into the things that matter most to me, my marriage, and, most importantly, my sense of self and happiness.

And so, I began a journey…a journey back to my self. I started a process of realignment with my divine self, my soul, and Divinity.

Just Be Yourself

Beyond early childhood, it becomes difficult to “just be yourself.” Instead, you find yourself trying to be the person others—parents, teachers, or friends—want you to be. Even as a baby, you are influenced by those around you. Life begins to mold and change you to align with expectations—not your expectations for yourself, mind you.

And, the memory of your connection to the Creator disappears as soon as you take your first breath as a physical being. You express your soul for some years after that, but then, again, outside influences begin to move you away from that alignment. In your desire to be loved and accepted, you conform. You are still you—and your soul does not change, but you change your way of expressing to ensure you are loved and accepted.

It becomes challenging to be your authentic self. You forget “yourself” and your connection.

Connection is a Natural State

Want to remember what connection is like? Image a young child on a swing, legs pumping, hands firmly on the ropes, eyes looking off into the distance, and a small smile on her face. This child is being herself while communing with Creator. She’s in touch with her soul—expressing it every time she pumps her legs and allows her mind to wander. In fact, she’s meditating…and praying…all at the same time.

She’s in a natural state—aligned with Source, soul, and self. She feels great but likely has no idea why.

Can you remember feeling that way?

As soon as her mom calls to her, “It’s time for lunch!” or “It’s cold outside! Come in!” or even “Where are you?”, her meditation comes to an end, and her connection becomes less pronounced. Immediately, she feels different—about her experience, herself, what’s expected, and her alignment with Source falters.

She’s no longer living in the moment, and she finds herself altering her state to accommodate her mother’s exceptions—even if that means she is less aligned with her core essence.

How We Lose Alignment

Losing alignment with Source and soul happen that quickly…in a moment. The first time you were told by someone that what you were doing wasn’t okay for any reason, you began to curtail your expression of self. You started to mold yourself to others’ expectations.

And the voice in your head became a mix of their voices. Your self-talk was modeled on what you heard—“Don’t do that,” “Don’t say that,” “Don’t treat others that way,” “Don’t dress like that,” “You’re stupid,” “Bad boy!,” and “You should be ashamed of yourself.” (Listen to what you say to yourself. It’s not that different.)

Over time, you hide your authentic self. And you keep it hidden—even from yourself. In the process, you hide from Creator because you no longer feel worthy of that connection.

The Realignment Process

It feels hard to get back into alignment. You’ve been trained to conform and to hide your true self. It becomes scary to “bare your soul” or express it. And you’re taught to avoid vulnerability and authenticity…at all costs.

I know. Believe me.

The things I was most passionate about, I now struggle to express. (Have I lost my passion?) When I meditate or pray, I doubt my ability to connect with Source or soul. (Will I ever be able to quiet my mind and hear guidance?) I wonder who I am…now…compared to who I was in the past. (Will I ever be that person again?)

Of course, I still have passions, I am still connected, and I am still the same soul. I just have to realign.

The same is true for you.

How to Realign

Your authentic self is connected to Source and to your highest self and soul now…just as it was when you were young. In fact, it’s always connected. It’s time to realign—not reconnect—so you can express yourself in a manner that feels congruent.

But how do you do that? Here are a few suggestions—things I’m trying, too!

  1. Be childlike. Swing, play in the dirt, stomp in puddles, sing like no one is listening, wear whatever you want (a tutu, a Superman costume), or talk to an imaginary friend. What did you enjoy doing as a child? Do it again.
  2. Do forbidden things. Whatever you were told not to do, do—within reason. Of course, don’t hurt anyone or yourself. But stop listening to the old lessons that made no sense then or now—like coloring all flowers red and all leaves green. Eat dessert first. Go out without a jacket when it’s cold. Get a tattoo.
  3. Just be. We live in a society that encourages doing. Instead of doing, just be. After all, you are a human being, not a human doing. So allow yourself to sit and stare off into space and do nothing for a while.
  4. Seek guidance. Pray, journal, meditate, choose Tarot cards…do something that helps you tap into the guidance that comes from your soul and Source. Pay attention to your intuition—and trust it. Take action on the guidance you receive.
  5. Do what you want. Yes, there are times when you cannot do what you want—especially if you are a parent or an employee. But, whenever possible, do what you want—not what is expected of you or what you think someone else wants you to do. Live outside the confines of other people’s expectations.

My Experiment

I used to feel as if I was most aligned with Source and soul when I wrote. (You may know that I’m an author…) Ideas would come to me, and I would sit and write and feel as if I was guided.

Mostly recently, I’ve not felt that way…at all.

So I decided to try an experiment. I opened up a new document on my computer to start a journal entry. (Yes…I journal digitally.) I put my hands on the keyboard, and I began to meditate…until a thought popped into my head. Then I began to type.

Guess what? This post (in raw form) was what flowed out of my head and onto my computer screen.

I typed almost totally with eyes closed. Then I fixed a few spelling errors and typos. I came back a few days later and edited what I had originally typed, made revisions, added more content, and ended up with what you just read.

The process and experience helped me realign, and, in the process, feel my connection to Source and soul. I plan to try this as often as possible.

Time to Realign

Now it’s your turn to find a way to realign and feel…not find…your connection once again.

You are a unique expression of the Creator. And, you are connected to Source at all times—whether you realize it or not. Allow yourself to express authentically by doing whatever you can to realign with your soul. As you do, you will become conscious of that connection again.

What helps you feel connected with Source and soul? How do you get aligned? Tell me in a comment below.

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