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How to Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Rebirth
Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach
San Jose, CA
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Use the pandemic as a time for transformation.

Despite the constant news reports about increasing numbers of coronavirus deaths, we have the opportunity now to prepare for a post-pandemic rebirth. Indeed, people all around the world are cocooned and preparing for transformation.

We have all been asked to wrap ourselves in the safety of our homes. During this time of social distancing, we each have the opportunity to grow and change in ways that allow us to break free of the cocoon once the pandemic is over, spread our wings, and fly. But that will only happen if you use this time wisely and take the necessary precautions.

Safe in a Cocoon

The pandemic threatens our survival in numerous ways. Yet, inside the cocoon, we are safe.

However, it's possible to create a cocoon that doesn't allow you to emerge later. That's what happens if you continue to wind more and more protective covering around yourself in an effort to ensure nothing pierces that shield.

If you create a cocoon that is too thick, you harm, rather than protect yourself. Consider a caterpillar's cocoon. It must be thick enough to allow the metamorphosis into a butterfly but not so thick that the butterfly can't break out.

Plus, the environment inside the cocoon has to be suitable for transformation. The cocoon has to offer enough room for the caterpillar to grow and change.

Don't Overdo It

Thus, as you shelter in place, do what is necessary. Yet, don't overdo your attempts to create a safe environment. Give yourself room for expansion of body, mind, and soul. And don't make your cocoon thicker and thicker until you can't escape.

For example, shelter at home doesn't mean you can't go outside and get some fresh air. It doesn't mean you can't reach out virtually or by phone to those you know and love. Nor does it mean you can't get the food you need or use the time for self-improvement.

If you stop doing the things that are necessary for life itself, you will wither away inside your protective covering. Don't let your fear create a situation in which that happens.

Instead, allow yourself to flourish inside the cocoon. Read motivational books, watch inspiring movies, meditate, pray, work on a long-term project (maybe one you haven't had time for previously), journal, take an online course, learn an instrument, connect with people you haven't talked to in a while, or get in shape.

If you do these things, you will experience your own metamorphosis. And when the pandemic ends, your transformation will inspire others. As a result, others around you will be transformed.

Don't Erect a Wall

But remember: only create a cocoon that is thick enough to protect you until it's time to emerge. If your cocoon becomes too thick, it turns into a permanent wall between you and the outside world rather than a temporary one. You begin with the intention of creating a protective covering you can deconstruct with ease but end up with one that requires mental, emotional, and physical sledgehammers to remove.

Humans erect walls around themselves instinctually whenever they feel fearful. For instance, maybe you have done this when you feared someone would break your heart, believed you might fail or thought you'd lose your job.

Worse, every time your fear about a specific time of situation arises again—like another heartbreak—you make the wall stronger, taller, and wider.

It's hard to change in positive and meaningful ways when you are hiding behind a wall. And, cloistered away like that, you can't help anyone else transform either.

Remember to Remove the Wall

It's easier to put up a wall between yourself and the thing you fear than to risk getting hurt by confronting your fear. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you forget to lower the wall when the reason to fear ceases to exist.

Worse yet, you walk away from that wall and forget you put it up at all. Therefore, it remains between you and the outside world—and the things you really desire. You have to remember it's there and then put in the effort to break it down.

That effort isn't just physical. Typically, it involves understanding and changing your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and expectations. That personal growth work leads to transformation.

And the break down your walls by overcoming your fears, you allow yourself to show up with a higher consciousness level, a greater ability to love yourself and others, and a larger capacity to make a unique contribution.

Plus, you allow yourself to live fully again—to enjoy what the world has to offer. And, there is much to enjoy and appreciate—now and in the future.

Time to Come Out

It's essential now to be safe but to try not to get stuck behind the protective covering. Remind yourself that you will need an exit when you decide you are ready to break out of the cocoon.

Use the time you have—the time until you re-emerge into the world—to learn, grow, and change. Go inward. Spend time with yourself. Allow for a metamorphosis of mind, body, and soul.

In our "normal" busy lives, we don't tend to make time for introspection. We don't examine ourselves and our lives. And that's one of the reasons we keep ourselves protected even when it isn't necessary. Not only that, our lack of insight into our inner workings contributes to the feeling that we have put up protective walls in the first place—and leave them up long term.

Use this time well. Yes…be safe. But don't erect a permanent wall. Instead, create a cocoon. Use the time for metamorphosis. Then, when the threat subsides, break free, and allow the world to see your gorgeous wings and ability to fly. When you do, you'll raise up others with you as they see you soar.

Nina Amir is known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach. As one of 800 elite Certified High Performance Coaches working around the world, she helps her clients Achieve More Inspired Results. She works with people who want to realize their dreams, achieve their potential, fulfill their purpose, and live full lives that feed their souls. Nina is also a bestselling author, certified Law of Attraction Coach, certified rebirther, and ordained minister.

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