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How to Get Power of Attorney for Aging Parents
Pamela D. Wilson - Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker Pamela D. Wilson - Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker
Golden, CO
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Power of Attorney for Aging Parent

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Golden, Colorado – February 12, 2019

Aging parents who need support from adult children do not always have power of attorney documents completed before caregiving begins. Caregiving situations arise from unexpected situations like an accident in the home or health emergency like a heart attack or stroke. This event begins with the 3 a.m. phone call to an adult child with a request to show up at the hospital.

At the time aging parents are admitted into the hospital, the question is posed about medical power of attorney. A medical power of attorney permits another individual to make medical decisions when an aging parent is unconscious or unable to make a decision.

Living wills are usually completed at the same time medical and financial power of attorney documents are completed. A MOST or POLST form is completed in a medical setting like a hospital or doctor's office to confirm life-threatening care wishes. This form is in addition to power of attorney and a living will.  

Planning for unexpected care situations by having a power of attorney completed is wise. Persons of all age benefit from having power of attorney documents completed. A car accident or sporting accident can result in life-threatening situations.

The question of when to get power of attorney for aging parents should be answered with, as soon as possible if the documents don't exist. And while adult children are helping aging parents, they would be wise to plan their own documents.

While we never plan to become sick, ill, or need care, the reality is that as we age, we will need care. By having a power of attorney document for both medical and financial decisions, we can be assured that help will be available when needed.

Power of attorney and a living will are more than just a piece of paper. The process of completing documents includes four steps.

·         Understanding the legal responsibilities of the power of attorney

·         Finding the right person to appoint, which is not always a family member. Professionals are appointed in many family situations to avoid conflict or concerns that adult children may be unreliable and untrustworthy.

·         Discussing medical and financial desires so that the power of attorney agrees to fulfill directives and has no doubt about desires for care and money management. The person serving as power of attorney must also be able to commit time when needed. The time dedicated to being a power of attorney is similar to that of having a part-time job. 

·         Drafting the documents using an elder law, estate planning, or probate attorney or finding documents online that can be used to create the document

Power of attorney abuse by adult children who are interested in the finances of aging parents occurs. Because access to bank and financial accounts is immediate when a general power of attorney is completed, it is important to trust the individual appointed implicitly.

The same responsibility applies to the decision to appoint a medical power of attorney. Power is given to make decisions about medical care and the daily living situation. It is important to have someone who will follow through with wishes regardless of their opinions or personal beliefs.

Regardless of the path, an individual takes, appointing a power of attorney is a serious decision. Choosing a power of attorney is similar to choosing a marital partner.

You are giving control of your medical care and financial matters to another individual. Take the time to find the right person to serve as your agent. Choose wisely.




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