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How to Figure Out If Your Trademark Is Protected For The Metaverse?
Michael Kondoudis -- DC Trademark Lawyer Michael Kondoudis -- DC Trademark Lawyer
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Dateline: Washington, DC
Friday, April 1, 2022


The future is here, and it’s virtual. The Metaverse will happen, and it’s going to be big. It will bring both significant business opportunities and risks, including risks to trademarks. That makes trademark protection for virtual uses critical as brands begin their entries into the Metaverse.

The Rush Into The  Metaverse Has Started

Companies are already moving into the Metaverse, and brands are collaborating with digital platforms to launch virtual products and experiences. For example, Gucci recently partnered with Roblox to offer an award of a limited-edition bag that was later sold online for over $4000!

Experts project that Metaverse revenue could grow to over $400 billion by 2025. The time has come for companies to consider:

(1) how their brands will be perceived and engaged in these new digital platforms; and

(2) the risks that come with these new opportunities.


Metaverse Trademarks Protect NFTs, Virtual Products and Virtual Services

Trademark protection has become a key issue as companies and brands plan their entries into the Metaverse. Trademark laws protect brands. More specifically, trademark laws protect brands by protecting trademarks from exact imitation (copying) and from the use of confusingly similar trademarks by competitors.

Trademarks are a way to strengthen your brand and protect it from misuse by the competition. Trademarks can protect product names (e.g., an NFT authenticated product), a company name, a service (e.g., a crypto exchange marketplace), or a phrase used to identify a brand. Names, logos, and slogans are the most common types of trademarks. Trademarks are an easy, cost-effective marketing tool that you can use in any shape or form!

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For more than twenty years, Michael Kondoudis has been the go-to trademarking expert for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Michael is a USPTO-licensed trademark and patent attorney, educator, speaker, and author of the Amazon best-seller: Going From Business to Brand. He is also an authority trusted by national news media on major trademark stories involving NFTs and the Metaverse. For more information, visit www.mekiplaw.com.

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