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How to Develop and Launch Successful New Products: Excerpts from an Interview with Leila Belmahi, CEO of Mariner’s Bow
Leila Belmahi --  Growth Strategy Consultant Leila Belmahi -- Growth Strategy Consultant
New York , NY
Thursday, November 12, 2020

"Your consumers are going to give you the guidebook for value creation." -- Leila Belmahi 
In an interview with Malcolm Gallagher on BV-TV, Leila Belmahi (CEO of Mariner's Bow) dives into her proven strategy for bringing a new product to market successfully by understanding the target audience and pinpointing their unmet need. For both B2B and B2C, Belmahi explains how you can turn feeling stuck into a research-validated roadmap for success. 
This interview is valuable for executives looking to launch a new initiative but are unsure of the next steps to take to make it successful. 
So how do you discover what consumers really want or need? And how can you be sure that people will buy the product when you launch? Belmahi shares tangible examples for how you can identify these important answers. Her approach has created products and launched new initiatives that have grossed well over $1 Billion in sales.
Belmahi offers many methodologies in the interview. One of her tried-and-true questions to hone in on your big opportunity: 
"My favorite question is, 'What are you most looking forward to?' This the blueprint for your top unmet need. If you can help them achieve what they're most looking forward to today, you become an invaluable partner. You can't ask people what they are 'most lacking in your life,' but you can ask them 'what they are you most looking forward to?' I really love that question." 
Belmahi fills the role of a fractional CMO. "I help companies of all sizes get unstuck. So, when a company has enjoyed success—decades into their business, they hit a wall and they don't know how to get to the next level. They bring me in.
When a start-up or existing business is looking to launch a new market or invent a new product, but are unsure of the next steps that will make that initiative successful, they call me in... 
And the reason that I've been able to consistently create these solutions, and solve some of the most complex challenges businesses face, is I take a very methodical approach to research that's quite unique and I am really excited to share some of my tips in this interview."
Belmahi's product development and market insights have led to billion-dollar products and winning marketing strategies for a number of start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. For companies concerned investing in research will still require a big outflow for marketing, Belmahi concludes: "When you really understand your target audience, it shouldn't cost much to get in front of them." 
Watch the full interview with Belmahi for insights on topics including:
- Viable need: How to research markets and customers to find a need gap and test the viability of that gap. 
- How to create a product or service that meets the identified target market need, branding that resonates, and pricing that allows attainable profit goals.   
- Proven guidance on getting your new product to market.
Interview by Malcolm Gallager of Leila Belmahi on BV-TV

Mariner's Bow CEO Leila Belmahi on "Successful The First Time" Innovation

About Leila Belmahi:
Leila Belmahi is the CEO of New York City and Miami-based innovation and growth strategy firm, Mariner’s Bow. The award-winning, global firm specializes in market research, product development, branding and marketing strategy for do-good businesses.
Over the last decade, Leila has used her proven methodology for research-validated innovation to help over 200 clients (like Microsoft, American Express, Hershey, and many more) make billions. Her product development work was recently honored by the Governor of Maine for its contribution to the state.
Leila combines an operator's perspective with management consulting best practices, earned through both working in Fortune 100s and global management consultancies and launching her own businesses. Though Leila believes many of her best lessons in business came from family dinners growing up with entrepreneurial parents discussing the importance of down-to-earth values and business practices.
Leila helps her clients understand exactly what their customers want and innovates to create what's next.
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