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How to Create What Really Matters to You
Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach
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Monday, February 12, 2024


You are a creator. Are you creating what matters to you?

You are a creator. However, you may not be creating what matters most to you. It’s time to change that.

Let’s define “creator.” A creator is “one that creates, usually by bringing something new or original into being.” And to “create” means “to bring into existence, produce, or bring about by a course of action or behavior.”

Every single day…every single moment…you create something. Your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and energy continuously bring new things into your world. And who you are “being”—your characteristics or identity—also create your circumstances and the world you experience.

So, you are a creator.

Why You Continually Create the Same Circumstances

If that is true, you may be wondering why nothing changes—even when you want to create change. The answer is simple.

You continually create the same circumstances because your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, energy, and identity remain the same.

If nothing changes, nothing changes, right? If you don’t change, nothing changes either.

To change your outer circumstance—what is happening around you or in your life—you must change your inner state of being. Specifically, you must change how you see yourself—consciously and subconsciously.

For instance, maybe you see yourself as poor, unproductive, undeserving, stupid, or unloveable. Then, your habitual mindsets and behaviors will cause you to continue creating more things that make you believe that is who you are. Basically, you create in a manner that reinforces your identity.

You may also have had a life experience that altered your identity on a subconscious level. For example, maybe a high school coach said you had no talent. Or a parent claimed you were a liar or lazy. Now, these identities—I am untalented. I am a liar. I am lazy.—influence your attempts to create what’s important to you. You may not realize you have negative beliefs about yourself. Yet, you are creating from this identity.

But if you decide to let go of those self-defeating beliefs and be the opposite—wealthy, productive, deserving, intelligent, lovable, talented, honest, or hard working—you will create from that identity. Your new creations will reinforce your new belief about who you are.

Stop Creating What Matters to Others

There’s another reason you aren’t creating what matters to you. You are creating what matters most to others instead. In other words, you are creating what you believe you should, are supposed to, are expected to, or what you believe is acceptable.

After all, if you create what matters to you, you might feel guilty for prioritizing your desires, or someone might judge you as selfish, right?

Create what matters to youYou’ve been programmed to believe it’s admirable to create what matters most to others, and it’s self-serving to create what matters most to you. But what if being selfish is a good thing?

In fact, being selfish means you are concerned about yourself and your well-being. You love yourself enough to ask for what you want and create what is in your best interest.

Of course, you don’t want to do that to the exclusion of concern for others, which is the classic definition of the word “selfish.” But being selfish is like putting an oxygen mask on yourself first to help others in the plane put on theirs. No one calls that selfish.

Create Something Different

There’s a final reason nothing changes even if you want to create something different: You don’t take responsibility for your creations. To create what matters to you—something different from what you’ve created thus far—you must take responsibility for yourself and what you have created to date.

After all, a creator creates. So, everything in your life right now is your creation.

That’s amazing, isn’t it?

You created all of it…even if your creations aren’t what you want, find meaningful, or important. And I bet you have created some things you deem important…and you take credit for those creations. So why not the other things?

I realize that it can seem challenging to take responsibility, especially for miscreations—things you created unintentionally. And we create a lot of those!

In fact, we often create based on subconscious beliefs and identities. These are not intentional creations. We are unaware that old programming, beliefs, and experiences are the source of what we create in our lives.

Plus, it’s human nature to blame anything and anyone for our current circumstances. Blame allows us to shirk responsibility. We don’t want to admit that undesirable circumstances are our “fault,” so we choose to believe they are someone or something else’s fault. But the fact is, you created whatever you have experienced and are experiencing in your life.

If you find it hard to stomach that fact, I understand. However, there’s a positive aspect of taking responsibility.

When you admit you created your current circumstances, you realize you can create something different. If you dislike what you have created to date, choose to create something you like. If what you’ve created thus far doesn’t matter to you, you can create what does matter to you.

The Most Powerful Identity You Can Adopt

To create something different, be someone different. Step into your true identity—the one you were born with—as a creator. That is the most powerful identity you can adopt.

When you affirm, “I am a creator,” you can create what matters most to you.

However, if you are stuck in your old identity, you will create what that identity thinks and believes. You’ll create based on that identity’s actions, reactions, and programmed mindset. And you’ll create what matters to that identity.

For instance, if you see yourself as undeserving or unworthy, you will create more reasons to feel and believe that is true about you. Someone who feels unworthy won’t ask for what they want or create what matters to them. Why? They don’t think they are worthy of having it.

What matters to you? See yourself as someone worthy of creating that. And you will create circumstances based on the mindsets and habits of someone with that identity. You will create based on the characteristics that person possesses.

Who You Really Are

You must realize you were born a unique, limitless, eternal being—a creator. You are a pure soul that expresses your authenticity by creating what matters to you.

Tell yourself, “I am a unique, limitless, eternal, pure creator.” Remember that is the identity you were born with, and start being the powerful creator you are.

Ultimately, that is the only identity you need—creator.

When you stand in that truth, you are worthy and deserving. You don’t need to develop that identity since it is part and parcel of being a creator.

Not only that, but your soul will also clarify what matters most to you. As a result, you will create what matters to you in a soul-aligned manner.

Creating What Matters to You Serves Others

Creating what matters to you serves others. If you have ever been in a group coaching setting, you know the truth of this statement. When one person gets coached, everyone receives insights. So, one person’s “healing” becomes a group healing.

Why? We are all connected.

In the same way, when you create what matters to you, you make a powerful difference in other people’s lives. Your selfishness becomes selflessness. These two characters live at opposite ends of the same spectrum.

We are all one on a spiritual or metaphysical level. The things that matter to you matter to the human collective. Thus, creating what matters to you makes it possible for others to create that, too.

As you stand in your power as a creator and unapologetically create what matters to you, you provide a positive role model for others and give them permission to create what matters most to them as well.

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