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How are U? From Maria Ramos-Chertok
Maria Ramos-Chertok Maria Ramos-Chertok
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: San Francisco, CA
Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Is your brain ready to implode?  Mine certainly feels like it could.

I feel overwhelmed trying to process the vast amounts information out there on virtually every topic:

  • November 3, 2020 election and election anxiety
  • Systemic racism
  • Implications of the newest Supreme Court Justice
  • 45’s tweets, actions and the constant social commentary
  • Health, pandemic, safety
  • Wildfires and corresponding PG&E power outages
  • The national and international economies

That’s not to mention one’s own life, online school, children and family, and the daily grind of cooking, shopping, cleaning, and staying afloat.

Everyone is so tired of it all and that’s showing up in different ways.  I wonder how this time will be reported in history.

I’m trying to stay connected, not shut down; to stay kind, not irritated; to stay patient, not annoyed.

One of the colleagues has a signature line reading, “It’s okay not to be okay,” with a link to Mental Health America. Another organization has a list of self-care resources, including an article by the Nap Ministry, “As the Grind Culture Slows Down, Will You?”  Everyone, it seems, is trying to find ways to cope.

My clients and colleagues often apologize for not being able to focus, for being overwhelmed, for not knowing what our meeting is about, or for the background noise of a child or an animal.  I try to remind them it’s expected.  No apologies required.

Occasionally, when I’m out, I’ll overhear someone guiltily admit to a friend that they’re feeling good:  finding hidden treasures in slowing down, being with family, staying at home, making a meal, gardening, or simply not having a daily commute.  These folks seem to feel bad they are happy in the face of so much suffering.  I applaud their pleasure.  Invite pleasure in when it knocks.

The goal of this post is to remind you that it’s okay to be feeling whatever you are feeling. Enjoy the ups and do your best during the downturns.  

Our nation dealing with avoidance — avoidance of the racial divide that formed the basis of our country, avoidance of the need to reduce our consumption, avoidance of honoring the earth.  It’s all catching up with us and it’s a lot.  Your presence is required.  Take the time you need to collect yourself so that you can be in this for the long haul – no one knows how long that will be for them, so make the most of today by slowing down and honoring something in or around you.

Photo by Siora Photography www.unsplash.com

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