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How Wedding Industry Businesses Benefit From Texting Customers
Brian D Lawrence  --  BrianLawrence.com - Wedding Industry Expert Brian D Lawrence -- BrianLawrence.com - Wedding Industry Expert
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Dateline: Teaneck, NJ
Friday, August 18, 2023


by Brian Lawrence

Texting is one of the primary ways wedding businesses should follow up on potential clients and engage with existing clients. For wedding business owners like venues and bridal shops, entertainment companies, and photography studios with a volume business or multiple employees, using a personal cell phone is limiting and confusing when alternating between personal and business contacts.

I recommend using the premiere business texting platform Kenect to stay in contact with customers. I’ve seen firsthand how Kenect’s optimized business texting provides a significant opportunity to engage customers using a business landline. Switching to Kenect means you can streamline your interactions and say goodbye to balancing your personal and professional contact lists. Throughout this article, I will explore several ways Kenect can positively impact your wedding business efforts.

Improving Customer Service

As someone with decades of experience in the wedding industry, I know that good customer service is crucial to the health of your business. Promptly responding to inquiries will increase your bookings immediately. Addressing questions and concerns from existing clients can built trust and help your business avoid negative reviews. When communication time is lengthy, customers can feel ignored. Using Kenect to text provides a real-time way to address potential issues and helps bolster your credibility.

For example, if you run a catering business and a customer reaches out with an issue regarding menu options the week of the wedding, you can use Kenect to text a swift response. Texting provides a sense of personal accessibility that other communication mediums lack.

Instant Notifications and Efficient Scheduling

Remembering appointments or knowing when to pick up purchased items is challenging in a fast-paced world. Texting through Kenect allows your business to schedule in advance instant notifications and reminders to customers, giving them enough time to prepare. Customers who opt into notification texts won’t worry about the estimated pick-up times.

Wedding businesses like bridal shops benefit from Kenect’s streamlined scheduling ability. For bridal stores, texting to schedule an appointment for a fitting rather than having customers call in can free up time to address other needs. The bride-to-be will thank you for it!

Reaching Out With Promotions

Print flyers and email blasts remain effective marketing tools for promoting your business to potential clients and to promoter add-ons and upgrades. The ability to quickly reach current and prospective customers with special offers can boost your bottom line. Texting promotional material provides an opportunity to reach smartphone users at optimal times.

Wedding industry businesses that offer specific products can benefit from texting promotions. For example, if your wedding stationery business plans discounts on invitations, use Kenect’s broadcast messaging feature to reach numerous couples with your latest promotions. Text messages are efficient and have a much higher open rate than emails. Texting through Kenect has a proven track record of generating leads and increasing revenue.

Adopting Kenect will add a valuable tool to your wedding business’s marketing communication toolbox, one with tangible results. See how Kenect software has already positively impacted others in the wedding industry.

Kenect in Action

One of my clients, Pennsylvania-based entertainment company Rockin’ Ramaley leverages Kenect to streamline communication with customers. One use is to text visual aids to help convert sales.  After adopting Kenect as its single communication platform, the business saw an increase in positive Google reviews and freed up time for employees to complete other tasks.

One of Kenect’s clients, Wedding venue Port 393 based in Holland, Michigan leverages Kenect to replace a personal cell phone when communicating with customers. Since implementing Kenect’s auto-reply feature, the venue has more time to accomplish other tasks and achieve a better work-life balance.

Another Kenect client, Louisiana-based bridal shop Pearls Place Bridal saw a significant increase in sales leads a few months after adopting Kenect. They answer queries in seconds, providing employees with an efficient way to share new inventory and confirm appointments with customers.

Setting Up Kenect

After signing up for Kenect, download the Kenect app on your smartphone or additional devices. With Kenect, you can send and receive texts through your business phone number. Kenect utilizes 1-to-1 texting for a more personable approach to reaching out rather than sending mass texts.

Business Telephone Number

Kenect will register a new business phone number for you if you don’t already have one. In addition, you will maintain permanent ownership of the phone number regardless of how long you use Kenect services.

Multi-Platform Service

The Kenect app lets you receive texts from your business site and numerous other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Messages easily flow into a single inbox using the Kenect interface.

Automated Responses

The Kenect texting app provides the option to use automated responses and quick replies to streamline communication. A faster response to customers increases satisfaction and promotes engagement.

Embracing Advancements

Advancements in technology continue to improve business functions. The lines of communication have never been more open between business and client. Accessibility is vital to maintaining a good relationship with customers so they keep returning for your services. It’s clear that your wedding-related business benefits when you embrace the newest trends like Kenect business texting. If you want an introduction to Kenect with a special offer as a reader of my blog, let me know here.

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